Lack of support slows growth of Mexican golf

Lack of support slows growth of Mexican golf

Despite the fact that Mexican golf is experiencing its best moments, details and support are still lacking for this sport to continue growing

MEXICO — Abraham Ancer he’s living a dream at the Augusta Masters. The Mexican golfer had two dreamy first rounds and leads the board with a score of -9 under par. What was done by the ‘Turco’ comes after a victory by Carlos Ortiz at the Vivint Houston Open.

Obtaining the title by the tapatío meant ending a 42-year drought without a title for an Aztec golfer in the PGA Tour, when Victor Regalado did it in 1978 at the Ed McMahon-Jaycees Quad Cities Open.

Also, in the LPGA, Gaby López adds two titles, the first Blue Bay LPGA in 2018 and another this year when he won the Diamond Resorts Tournamente of Champions. Similarly, María Fassi joined the LPGA in 2019 and live your dream of professionalism.

Mexican golf is living its best moment, but there are details to be polished so that the positive results grow more and more, as he admitted Horacio Morales, coach of the LPGA and the Mexican Gaby López.

“Most of the ones that are there are from personal and family endeavors. In Mexico support is slow. You must be very good to receive the support. I think there are no more players because the federations do not care about the issue of education. Those of us who are pay courses and are for individual efforts. If Mexico improves the subject of education, there would be a better seedbed, “he told ESPN Digital.

“Many go to the United States and their parents make the effort. If the kids are trained there would be greater competition. We have not created a public field in Mexico and open the sport to people who can buy a golf club. With those elements there would be more people, ”Morales added.

However, he argued that performances like those of López, Ortiz and Ancer lead children to look at an alternative to traditional sports in Mexico.

“I’m sure if. It has been a difficult year, but in terms of golf we have done well. In January Gaby wins, which was important, then Carlos wins last week and now we see Abraham. That with children motivates them. Now comes the word can ”.

Regarding that, he stated how important it is to have a good work team at your side that helps meet the objectives of each player.

“It requires a lot of mentality, a good team. Carlos has had that, Abraham doesn’t have a swing coach, but he has his team. Everyone is different, but having a guide is very important to achieve the objectives ”.

Meanwhile, she shared that Gaby López is happy to take the lead in being the image of Mexican women’s golf and thus encouraging the youngest.

“Her goal is to leave a legacy, a mark. It has succeeded in its time. We adapt to what came, Gaby has taken it and in my players, she is the leader of the pack. I have always said in front of her that she is very professional ”, he concluded.

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