The keys to Chile’s victory over Peru

The keys to Chile's victory over Peru

Chile defeated Peru 2-0 for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. In a match that left several conclusions for both teams and where the figure of Arturo Vidal stood out in the local team.

The beginning of the game raised a commitment of two teams with similar plans, three players that surrounded the center forward. In the case of Chile to Felipe Mora and in Peru to Ruídiaz. Those led by Reinaldo Rueda took advantage of the bombing of Arturo Vidal and found the disorder of Ricardo Gareca’s team. The local based his game mainly on the side of Meneses that compromised the rise of Andre Carillo in the sight. The León de México player had a great job in his first 15 ‘, then he lost weight because the Red game went through the midfield where the Pulgar-Vidal axis was. Peru got disorderly and paid dearly for Chile, whichIt was buckled and having as its axis a Fiorentina footballer, who was 90% effective in his passes in that first half.

The second time was different, Peru came out to put pressure on La Roja in 3/4, that is why Rueda was heard asking to jump the lines with a long pass to decompress the pressure exerted by those led by Gareca. The strategy of the Colombian coach was not to give him spaces to shorten the defensive line with that of midfielders so that Peru has few pass options. However, giving up the pressure has its price and Mora was far behind, something that allowed Gareca to cheer up and not run any kind of risk of a backlash. The visit had sparkles or creativity with the entry of Christian Cueva that unbalanced the island sector. Peru was more in the complement than Chile, the place was subdued by the gangs, separate paragraph for the task of the King Arturo that when he had to defend he did it very well, when he had to cut the game with a foul he did it and when he had to control the ball or order the midfield he did it. The mistake of Rueda’s team was not cutting circuits, defending far behind and not showing any kind of complication to the Argentine strategist’s team, who considerably noted the lack of that area nine (both Guerrero and Farfán are injured) that allows them to solve better and be a point of reference.

The match was two halves, Peru paid dearly to be conservative and realized late that it could hurt Chile with players like Cueva or Polo. La Roja will have to avoid going so far back and defend much further forward to avoid suffering so much in the next matches.

Chile will have to correct the setback it was very open at times when it attacked, leaving the bands very free, so it should have gone further back and close to avoid the one against one, where Peru with Cueva or Carrillo could easily unbalance. The visit should avoid complexity in their attacks, make them simpler and more direct; not so many passes in 3/4. The change of Polo gave him more speed, something that Gareca will have to take into account to face Argentina on the next day.

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