Atlético Tucumán vs. Unión (Santa Fe) – Party Report – November 13, 2020

Atlético Tucumán vs.  Unión (Santa Fe) - Party Report - November 13, 2020

Atlético Tucumán beat Unión de Santa Fe 3-1, for the third date in zone 1 of the Professional League Cup.

With this result, the Dean maintains a perfect score with 9 points, while Tatengue was left with 4 units. The group is completed by Arsenal (1) and Racing (0), who face this Saturday from 18:45 ARG on the FOX Sports Premium screen.

Leonardo Heredia, Javier Toledo and Matías Alustiza scored for the local. Gabriel Carabajal discounted for the visit.

The game had an entertaining start, with approaches from both teams, but without very clear goal chances in the first minutes.

At 13 minutes Atlético Tucumán had the loss due to injury to Ramiro Carrera, who retired with a muscle injury. Augusto Lotti entered his place.

The next play produced the clearest for Unión, who lost the first in an incredible way on the line after a detour in Mauro Osores that almost became a goal against and immediately Juan Manuel García could not push it inches from the line. line.

At 20, a very clear one came for Atlético Tucumán, with a surgical pass from Fabián Monzón for the scorer Javier Toledo, who wanted to define first, but was diverted.

A few minutes later, the Tatengue side Facundo Vera tried long distance and the stainless Cristian Lucchetti controlled solidly.

The Dean’s rugged first half was deepened by Monzón’s injury, who was replaced by Gabriel Risso Patrón.

At 35 there was a controversial play, due to an alleged offside by Franco Troyansky that ended in a Union goal, but there was no advanced position.

Two minutes later, Toledo fell into the area due to a grab and the referee charged the maximum penalty.

Leonardo Heredia took over the penalty, but Facundo Moyano became a giant and guessed the stick to get it out with a tremendous stretch.

The first half ended with a more locked game and without dangerous arrivals, but the usual intensity.

At the beginning of the complement Union SF had a very clear one, with Troyansky hand in hand with Lucchetti, but he threw it very long and the goalkeeper came to reject.

Three minutes later the local reached the goal, thanks to a perfectly executed stopped ball. Risso Patron threw the center with a lot of thread and Heredia headed with great precision.

On the next play, Javier Toledo got the goal of the date, with a powerful shot from 35 meters, which took Moyano ahead and scored the second, in a handful of seconds.

At 13 minutes, a controversial play came with a penalty charged for an alleged foul by Lucchetti on Javier Cabrera.

Gabriel Carabajal changed the penalty for a goal hitting the goalkeeper’s other post and put the 1-2 set for the visit.

At 22, Union wasted a clear chance to equalize with a good against badly resolved by Cabrera, who preferred the pass rather than the shot on goal.

Atlético Tucumán stayed a bit with the passing of the minutes and the visit approached a draw a couple of times, but without precision.

The end of the meeting was with Unión completely turned to the attack and the local holding in their own area.

But Union always collided with the figure of the night, Cristian Lucchetti, who stopped a tremendous heads up by Troyanski in injury time.

So much was Tatengue, that the goal arrived that sealed the victory of the premises, with a great counter defined by Matías Alustiza.

On the next date, Atlético Tucumán will host Racing Club on Friday, while Unión de Santa Fe will visit Arsenal in Sarandí on Saturday.

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