The 23 Pumas that made history against the All Blacks

The 23 Pumas that made history against the All Blacks

The Pumas beat the All Blacks on a historic Saturday match for the first time in its history 25-15 in the Tri-Nations tournament. With this victory that will be marked by fire in Argentine rugby, the names of the 23 protagonists will be forever in the memory of the blue and white sport.

1-Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro (31 years old): With 59 games in Los Pumas, the player who is also part of the Jaguares squad, started the game against New Zealand in which he conceded two penalties and made two tackles. His debut with the Argentine jersey took place on May 23, 2010 in a test match against Chile.

2-Julian Montoya (27 years old): The Jaguares hooker and former Club Newman, who debuted in Los Pumas in a test match against Uruguay in Paysandu in 2014, has already played 60 games with the blue and white. In the victory against the All Blacks, he made three tackles.

3-Francisco Gómez Kodela (35 years old): Between 2008 and 2020, the pillar of Los Pumas and Lyon played only 12 games with the national team but has already entered the great history of Argentine rugby for being in one of the most important triumphs in history. His last game had been against Georgia in 2013 and in the duel against the All Blacks he made four tackles.

4-Guido Petti (25 years old): The second row debuted with Los Pumas on November 14, 2014 against Italy on a tour that the Argentine team made. He has already played 54 games with 20 points (four tries) and was part of the Argentine team in the 2015 and 2019 World Cups. In the victory against New Zealand he tackled six times and won two lineouts. A great present for the man from Bordeuax.

5-Matias Alemanno (28 years old): His debut for Argentina was in a test match against Uruguay in 2014. From there he defended the Los Pumas jersey in 62 games and scored 20 points. The Gloucester player was present at the 2015 and 2019 World Cups. His match against the All Blacks yielded seven tackles and a penalty conceded.

6-Pablo Matera (27 years old): The Argentine captain tackled five times (had a sixth miss) and won in two lineouts in the win against New Zealand. His debut for Argentina took place on May 1, 2013 against Chile in Santiago. So far he has played 67 games and scored 30 points. He was part of the squad at the 2015 and 2019 World Cups.

7-Marcos Kremer (23 years old): The winger who also plays for Stade Frances made his debut against the All Blacks in 2016 for the Rugby Championship. Four years after that 57-22 loss, he returned to say present but this time with a historic win, in which he made eight tackles (he did the most) and conceded four penalties. To date, he has 29 games and five points in addition to having been part of the squad at the 2019 World Cup.

8-Rodrigo Bruni (27 years old): The eighth-grade player from Tandile made his debut for Los Pumas on November 10, 2018 against Ireland. Since then, he has played five games without scoring points. Against New Zealand he tackled four times and was the Argentine who ran the most with ball in hand with 41 meters. This is his third major tournament played with the Argentine team after the 2019 World Cup and the 2019 Rugby Championship.

9-Tomás Cubelli (31 years old): The scrum-half has played for Argentina for a decade. He made his debut against Uruguay in a South American championship and has already played 76 games with the Argentine team with 60 points (12 tries). Against the All Blacks he was the one who passed the ball the most times (55) and the second who ran the most meters (40).

10-Nicolás Sánchez (32 years old): The opening was the figure of Los Pumas. He scored the team’s 25 points against the New Zealanders (one try, six penalties and one conversion). The game against the All Blacks was number 81 to his credit with the blue and white, with which he debuted on May 21, 2010 against Uruguay in Santiago de Chile. In addition, he beat the points record of an Argentine player against the men in black in the same game, with the 25 he scored.

11-Juan Imhoff (32 years old): The wing that was absent for five years returned to Los Pumas to be present in a historic match. He already has 34 games and 80 points with the blue and white (made his debut in 2010 against Chile) and made 2 effective tackles against the All Blacks. In addition, he is the tryman of Los Pumas in World Cups.

12-Santiago Chocobares (21 years old): It was his official debut with the Los Pumas jersey, but due to his temper and character, it seemed not to weigh on him. He was previously part of the youth team and also of the Jaguares. Ledesma praised him in the preview and much more in the post game.

13-Matias Orlando (29 years old): His debut with the Argentine jersey took place on May 20, 2012 against Uruguay. The center already has 45 games and five tries scored. His last game had been in the 2019 World Cup, then he had surgery on his shoulder and did not play all year, not even with Jaguares. More than a year later, he returned to a rugby field and did so at an optimal level.

14-Bautista Delguy (23 years old): The Jaguares wing has played 15 games with the Argentine jersey, with which he scored 25 points in the two years he has been playing. He made his debut against Wales in San Juan in 2018.

15-Santiago Carreras (22 years old): The Jaguares fullback barely has 6 games in Los Pumas. His debut came against South Africa in Pretoria in 2019 and he only scored one try.

16-Facundo Bosch (29 years old): He only has two matches in the Argentine team (both as a substitute). He made his debut against South Africa in 2018 for the Rugby Championship.

17-Mayco Vivas (22 years old): He played nine games with Los Pumas, making his debut against New Zealand for the 2019 Rugby Championship at the Vélez court. He is part of the Jaguares squad and was in the youth process of the Argentine team.

18-Santiago Medrano (24 years old): He has 19 meetings in Argentina, of which in 13 he was part of the substitute bank. His debut was in 2018 against Wales in San Juan and he played in the 2019 World Cup.

19-Santiago Grondona (22 years old): Another one who made his team debut against New Zealand. From a past with twists and turns with the national team, the Champagnat man previously joined the youth teams and is part of Jaguares.

20-Tomás Lezana (26 years old): He made his debut against France in 2014 on a Los Pumas tour. He has already played 39 games and scored 15 points. He played the 2019 World Cup.

21-Gonzalo Bertranou (26 years old): He has played 23 games with only five points scored with the Argentine jersey. His presentation was against Paraguay in Asunción in 2015. He played the 2019 World Cup.

22-Lucio Cinti (20 years old): The back from La Plata was on the substitute bench, but did not enter and maintains his expectation while waiting to make his debut at Los Pumas. In 2018 he was champion of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and later he was part of the Seven team.

23-Santiago Cordero (26 years old): The wing made his debut for Argentina in 2013 against England at Twickenham. He has already played 36 games and scored 65 points. He played the World Cup in 2015.



In his debut in the Three Nations 2020, the Argentine national team defeated the All Blacks 25-15, generating everyone’s madness.

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