Fine and powerful, Terence Crawford knocked out Kell Brook in the fourth round

Fino y con poder, Terence Crawford noqueó a Kell Brook en el cuarto round

With punching power, Terence crawford knocked out Kell brook in the fourth round Saturday night in Las Vegas, settling a fight that was being a couple.

In the short time that the combat lasted, Kell brook He showed he was coming to fight, and he was showing off. You could see the old speed of Brook, stabbing and accurate with the jab, he was causing trouble for Crawford. But the American defined combat with power.

The first round was totally studio, with very little action. But in the second chapter, the combat got interesting. Kell brook he began to work the jab masterfully. He threw it with speed and precision, and Crawford could not remove that blow. The American was trying counterattacks, although without much success.

Al notes the effectiveness Brook I was having with the jab, Crawford decided to go out to the third round fighting left-handed. That helped counter the jab of Kell brook, who stopped throwing it, and started using his right rectum as his first hand. Crawford it was beginning to take off in combat.

The end came in the fourth round, and it was a sample of the enormous talent that he has Terence crawford. When Kell brook He wanted to feint a jab to cross his right hand with power, Crawford won his hand. He seemed to be expecting that maneuver, and nailed a hard right straight into the face of Brook. The Englishman shook and stumbled against the ropes. Crawford He went to finish it off, but the referee stopped the action as he had already registered the fall. He counted on protection and the action resumed. Brook he seemed shaken, and confused. He did not seem clear about what had happened.

Yes now, Crawford It was about Brook to finish it. The Englishman offered no resistance, and the referee Tony weeks stopped the combat.

Terence crawford delivered a commanding, fine performance. Against an opponent who was fighting a competitive fight, Crawford he won the fight, because he has an ounce more of talent and technique than all the other fighters.

It was a triumph that gives credit to Terence crawford, which adds legitimacy, and makes a big fight mandatory for the American in his next fight.

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