“If he didn’t get injured, today Del Potro would fight for No. 1 with Nadal and Djokovic”

"If he didn't get injured, today Del Potro would fight for No. 1 with Nadal and Djokovic"

Marcelo Gómez, a trainer of great tennis talents in Tandil, gave an interview to the medium El Eco and left great titles on Juan Martin del Potro.

“In Juan Martín, when he was ten years old, I knew that he was a potential top ten, that he would become one if nothing strange happened. He had other things, he was crack. Everyone saw him, not just me. You had to think about his development and in how to do so that he has a good formation in order to be up there. To be top ten, you have to have everything, “said Gómez, who also trained Zabaleta, Monaco and Machi González.

About how Del Potro’s career would have been without so many injuries, Negro Gómez was forceful: “Today, I would be fighting for number 1 with Nadal and Djokovic, I have no doubts. That is the second of his usual goals. The first, Winning the US Open, something he was able to do. Because of how his game has evolved and how he was before breaking his knee, he could have done it. “

As for the origin of the injuries, he noted: “The knee, bad luck. The others were given by their type, having a very large physique to play tennis, which suffers a lot.”

“I see him the way I always saw him, as a boy who enjoys playing tennis. It’s what he likes to do and he’s going to try until he can’t take it anymore. I think he still can. I hope he recovers from his knee. Yes. It looks good and has the strength to achieve it, he will try. What I have clear is that, if he is not one hundred percent to compete with those above, he will not return. He will not return if he cannot play as equals with the best, with whom he wants to defeat. (…) What I like the most is everything he puts in to come back again and again. The comebacks he has had are unmatched. It is remarkable how he returns, how quickly he recovers the rhythm of the game and he gets well up. The players come and ask me how he does, how he manages to return to his level immediately after having stopped for two years. It is something that only he has, “added Gómez.

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