They go for Pacquiao and not for Spence: Arum and Crawford try to stop versions of rupture

Van por Pacquiao y no por Spence: Arum y Crawford intentan atajar versiones de ruptura

Bob arum Y Terence crawford tried to head off rumors of a breakup between the two by appearing together in the post-fight interview in which Crawford knocked out Kell brook Saturday night in Las Vegas.

In the hours leading up to the fight, an article by The Athletic in which it was reported that the lawyer of Crawford last September sent a letter of complaint to Bob arum due to the promoter’s inability to get the fighter big fights. It was also reported that Crawford He was waiting for his contract to end to leave the company.

Bernardo Osuna from ESPN, he asked Bob arum already Terence crawford in post fight interview how to make a fight happen with Errol spence. At that moment, Crawford he just smiled and looked at Arum. With his wry look and smile, he seemed to say that it was the promoter’s fault, and he let him answer.

At the time, the promoter went out of his way to praise his fighter.

“Let me tell you something, and I am very sincere,” he said. Arum. “Spence Y (Danny) Garcia they fight on December 5. If you really want to make a big Pay Per Event, why don’t you put Crawford against the two, one by one, and that Crawford I defeated them both in the same night.

The above, half joking and half serious, but Bob arum continued in praise for Crawford comparing him to some of the best welterweight in history.

“(Crawford) is by far the best welterweight in the world, at the level of the great welterweight of the past as Ray Leonard, as Tommy hearns“, Explained Arum. “He would have been competitive against them. And the current welterweight are not competitive against Terence Crawford “.

The promoter disdained the possibility that Terence crawford face Errol spence in the fight that everyone considers to be the one that defines the best welterweight in the world.

Errol spence will try to avoid Terence crawford all you can, because you know you can’t defeat Terence crawfordThe promoter replied. “You saw the kind of acting he had tonight. he would end with Errol spence in the same number of rounds as a Kell Brook “.

When asking Terence crawford, the fighter immediately focused his statements on a possible fight with Manny pacquiao.

“I want to secure a fight with Pacquiao,” he replied. Crawford. “We were close to making a fight with Pacquiao before this fight, but the Covid-19 got out of control. So we had to put everything on hiatus. And we decided to fight with Kell brook, was the next known rival that was available. So now we want to reconsider that fight with Manny Pacquiao “.

Bob arum revealed that they will seek to retake the possibility of that fight between Crawford Y Pacquiao by 2021.

“The money was there,” he explained Arum. “He had already committed (the fight). It was a fight that was going to take place in a Middle Eastern country, and then the Minister of Health of that country said that we couldn’t do it, because he couldn’t. ensure that spectators could be present. Now they call us and tell us yes Terence crawford I won, they would resume negotiations, and see if we could do it in the spring, either before or after Ramadan. “

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