Disfigured! This is how Paul Felder’s face remained after being defeated by Rafael dos Anjos

Disfigured!  This is how Paul Felder's face remained after being defeated by Rafael dos Anjos

The stellar of UFC Vegas 14 ended with a bloody picture, after Paul felder Y Rafael dos Anjos collided with each other. And, unsurprisingly, the show did not disappoint. The Brazilian made clear why he had eight tough weeks of work for this contest, which was with a magnificent return to the 155-pound division. For his part, the American gave a good image, although he ended up practically disfigured.

Felder’s word

“I am happy. I took this fight, took it five days in advance. Let’s face it, I had about three days to gain weight and now that all is said and done, I can stop lying about things and be a little more honest. I told him a bit about it in the post-fight interview with Mike Bisping. but the weight was more than everyone thinks. I went running for an hour and five minutes doing uphill exercises for my triathlon training and I weighed 178 pounds after the race without drinking anything during the race, ”said the Californian.

For its part, Paul felder He noted: “I probably woke up on Monday morning at 182, 183 at least. So let’s be a bit short and say he was 180 on Monday. So from 180 on Monday to 156 and the first on the scale on Friday. I just went with a black belt and a former champion on the ground and I didn’t eat a lot of ground and hit, let’s be honest. The arm triangle was close. I was a little nervous there. He damaged my liver once, and a lot of it had to do with the weight loss. “

What dos Anjos said

“I’m not very happy with my performance, I know I could have given more. It was my first comeback fight in the Lightweight division. I feel like there are more adjustments I need to make to feel comfortable. It was not my best day, but I am very happy to win. He is a very complete fighter and yet I was able to dominate him in a large part of the fight, “was what the Brazilian began by explaining after Saturday’s victory.

Leaving a clear message for UFC, Raphael He also communicated: “I think if Khabib Nurmagomedov is really retired, he will leave the division open. If you look at the contenders, I think just me and Conor McGregor, we are the only real champions in that division. Everyone else is interim champions, so we deserve a chance to take it. I think if the division is open, Conor and I are the fight to do. No one else should have that chance.

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