Opening Game in Scrum, Episode IV: the nationalizations in rugby

Opening Game in Scrum, Episode IV: the nationalizations in rugby

The debate for him Episode IV from Opening Game in Scrum It was already raised on social networks: nationalizations in rugby, something that has been increasing in recent years and that resulted in many players having the opportunity to represent countries in which they were not born. You are part of it and you can now share your opinion, to enrich a debate that next Thursday will have the word of Ramiro Pez, Marcelo Bosch and Julio Farías, from 19, on the canal ESPNFans YouTube.

Bosch, man emerged in Belgrano, has played in European rugby since 2006, the year in which he began to play in the Biarritz French, to then continue his professional career in the Saracens English, team with which he won 4 titles. Fish, meanwhile, born in Cordova, began his way through the Old Continent back in 2000 and played for the Italian national team, a shirt that he defended in the 2007 World Cup. Farías is another who began his steps in international rugby as a young man: in 1999 he went to play Partenope from Italy, then he was in the Stade Rouen French and also had a step through the London welsh.

At Episode I, Daniel Hourcade, Santiago Phelan and Diego Cash debated about the game of Los Pumas and you can see it again in Youtube / ESPNFansLatam.

Then, it was the turn of the second Episode, in which they were present Eliseo Branca, Gonzalo Tiesi and Esteban Lasala and they spoke the arrival of Michael Cheika to the Los Pumas staff.

After that came the third, that you can now relive in Youtube / ESPNFansLatam, and for which the question posed was the following: What are the pros and the cons for The Pumas to play the Three nations? After the interesting debate that took place on the networks, Pablo Camerlinckx, Leonardo Senatore and Juan Figallo they shared their respective points of view.

In a chat with Scrum which took place in May is 2020, Waisale Serevi referred to the particular situation that occurs in Fiji in relation to nationalizations and explained the reasons why many of his compatriots end up playing in other countries and representing other selected ones.



In a talk he had with Scrum in May, the former Fiji 7s player touched on the decision many of his compatriots make.

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