The play of the year? This was the incredible catch of DeAndre Hopkins that gave the triumph to Cardinals

DeAndre Hopkins

Rarely will you see a catch similar to the one you made DeAndre Hopkins in yesterday’s duel between Cardinals Y Bills. Arizona trailed 30-26 to Buffalo with just 11 seconds left to finish the game, but the quarterback Kyle murray He threw a ‘Hail Mary’ in search of a partner. And in a spectacular way, Hopkins took the ball to seal the victory 30-32.

The spectacular reception

With only 11 seconds left on the clock and no times to ask, Cardinals They had no choice but to throw a ‘Hail Mary’. And so he understood Kyle murray. The Oklahoma graduate ran away from a Bills player and put the ball into the diagonals, where he was Hopkins. The reception was not easy, as DeAndre was marked by three defenders. Even so, this was not an impediment for him to seal one of the best plays of the year and the victory for Arizona.

The best of his career

At the end of the game, DeAndre Hopkins did not hide his joy after sealing one of the most spectacular receptions in the NFL. Two plus two equals four. Go to the back of the field, throw the ball. It was between three people. They were in position, it was just a better reception that I did, “explained the former Texans player, satisfied by the actions of the Cardinals.

What did your coach say?

Another to react was the Cardinals coach, Kliff kingsbury, who claimed the reception of ‘Nuke’ left him speechless. “Just to throw the pass it was incredible. Murray ran, dodged and evaded. I didn’t think he could get away with it. From where I was I couldn’t see much, but I saw that the fans went crazy. I still can’t find words. It was a phenomenal play, “explained the head coach.

DeAndre Hopkins praised by LeBron

The play of DeAndre Hopkins it was so spectacular that even Lebron James showed his amazement in networks. «WOW WOW WOW !! HOP HOP HOP! ”Wrote the ‘King’ on his Twitter account. While Patrick Mahomes he also praised ‘Nuke’. “DeAndre Hopkins is a monster man,” posted the Kansas City QB. With the victory, Arizona leads the NL West with a 6-3 record.

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