When? Alexander Hernández and the desire to fight once more in 2020

When?  Alexander Hernández and the desire to fight once more in 2020

Alexander Hernandez had an awesome night at the UFC Vegas 12, where he was able to get a big knockout and keep dreaming. With the idea of ​​maintaining a place as a 155-pound prospect, the American gave a spectacular performance to continue growing in Mixed Martial Arts. Now, being among Dana White’s best projects, he begins to think about what may come to come for him in the cage.

“I’m not really setting up anything like, ‘That’s like, if I do it like this, here’s who I want to call.’ It was like being very present, being super present in the interviews afterwards and in the moment and even now. I definitely changed the trajectory of what I want to do and how I want to do it. Before it was like you had to run to the top and get there and fuck everyone along the way. Now I don’t feel the same kind of hostility or urgency, ”the American began by expressing.

Further, Alexander He also highlighted: “I am very ambitious and I need to execute. I was having a hard time this year, especially approaching my birthday because I have high expectations for myself every year. This was the first time in a long time that I thought, man, I don’t think I accomplished what I set out to accomplish this year. I just want to keep developing, keep building, keep making money because now I have a good contract and I want it to keep growing ”.

Until the title does not stop

“I want to earn good money this year. I want to have another fight, I want to have another great performance, I want to keep growing and then next year I want to achieve even more. But it is not a race for the title until the title is presented. I was like, ‘That sounds great, that sounds perfect.’ So we will fight with whoever and I will take out Moises early next year and then I will probably hit one of these top-15s again and we will continue fighting, ”he highlighted about his future.

To close, Alexander Hernandez He told the comfort that goes through in UFC: «I’m really enjoying the process and not taking my time, but making my time worthwhile. 150 big, baby. 150 grand, baby, come on. We are making a lot of money. Collect another one of those in six weeks and I’m so happy for the year, you know what I mean? It was a perfect execution of what we’ve been working on, so I was happy with it. There are always things to clean.

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