A warrior! The adversities that Silvana Gómez Juárez faced to stand out in MMA

A warrior!  The adversities that Silvana Gómez Juárez faced to stand out in MMA

Silvana Gomez Juarez, Argentine fighter of MMA, you will see action in the octagon of Lux Fight League this November 20. After everything that has happened to be present this Friday, the expectation grows of what he can do inside the cage. At the Barceló Maya Grand Resort in the Riviera Maya, he will collide with Mexican Diana Reyes. Thus, the Tucuman decided to be a free agent to get a fight in 2020 in another franchise, out of everything that happened in this troubled year.

«First, it was trying to adapt to everything that was happening, which was something new for everyone. I feel quite privileged to be here, since I live in a house of professional fighters where everyone has their department in which the girls are on the one hand, but it also belongs to the coach. In the first weeks we were training in our homes and then the coach opened the gym for professionals behind closed doors, “he began, about the coronavirus pandemic.

Expressed how he pointed to the physical part, Silvana He said, ‘I never stopped training. The goal was to stay fit and well for whatever situation arises. We try not to have hand-to-hand contact but to work at a distance. In reality, compulsory isolation was never experienced here, it was isolation but everything never stopped working, but more restricted. We don’t stop and train normally ».

Trust herself

«I was away from my family and always connected, knowing what was happening there and pending. I miss them so much. They are like my motivation and it is my effort every day, to get up and know that my family is supporting me. It is something that I value a lot. When I am in bad times, that for one thing or another things did not turn out the way I wanted, I call my mom and dad, talk about that and you have to put that extra bonus that gives you love for the family and makes you go out again. go ahead anyway, “he also communicated.

Understanding what you want for your future, Silvana Gomez Juarez He said: «I have very clear objectives to develop. I feel very prepared, I have a professional team that is of a very high level and every day I have competition, they lead me to be 100%. If you were at 99% … they make you reach 100%. It’s like competing with yourself every day. They want to see us as champions, that’s what they always tell us and that motivates you. Being training in the same team as Brandon Moreno, who will soon have his chance for the 125-pound championship in the UFC, that motivates you to train and imitate his steps. It is something that has a lot of value.

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