Cal Crutchlow’s moving confession: “My daughter started crying”

Cal Crutchlow

In the last days, Cal crutchlow confirmed that next year he will not be as an official pilot in Sling. The team Yamaha hired him as a test pilot for the brand, displacing Jorge Lorenzo, who has not yet said what he will do in the 2020 season. This Saturday, the Briton communicated the news to his family who reacted in an unexpected way, according to his words.

The Briton began his career in the Yamaha team, and with this contract he returns to his place of origin after several years with Honda. After nine years in the top category of world motorcycling, Crutchlow will retire from the official competition, although he has chances to compete in some test as a guest or in replacement of Maverick Viñales or Fabio Quartararo.

“It’s a good way to get back to where we started, because I started with Yamaha and now I’m back to help them. They gave me my first chance to race in a world championship and I went to Superbike already MotoGP with them. It’s a good story, and now we will see what the future holds for Yamaha and me, ”said the Briton.

However, her family’s reaction was the most important factor in her decision, Crutchlow said. «It is something that I have discussed with my family: I have discussed it with Lucy (his wife), and it’s what I want to do, and she knows this is what I want. I couldn’t go on like this any longer. Today I told my daughter Willow that dad won’t race next year. It was sad to tell her, she was in the back of the car, and we told her ”he commented.

However, his daughter Willow reacted unexpectedly, he said. “She said ‘Does that mean you’ll be home more?’ And I said ‘Yes’ and she started to cry with happiness. That makes a difference, I know that I have made the right decision for myself, my family and my future. I already knew it, but it was good to have my daughter’s confirmation, “he said.

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