Controversial! Sebastian Vettel spoke of Binotto after the podium: “Let him stay at home”

Sebastian Vettel

After a long wait and a very bad season, Sebastian Vettel achieved the first podium of the year this weekend in Turkey. The German took advantage of a serious mistake by his teammate, Charles Leclerc, while overtaking Sergio perez and achieved an unexpected third place. In this way, he was able to put some color to an extremely black championship.

For the race this weekend, Mattia Binotto was absent from the Istanbul circuit because he preferred to stay in Maranello to start the development of the 2021 car. That is why on social networks they began to brand Binotto as ‘bad luck’, since in his absence, Vettel achieved the best result of the year, in his last season in Ferrari.

However, after his podium, Vettel launched an irony to the media considering the absence of his boss. Previously, Binotto had tried to ‘second driver’ to Vettel, who had complained about the performance of his car. In addition, he accused the team leaders that Leclerc’s car had much more power compared to his.

“Let him stay home”

Jokingly, Vettel said they will try to stop Binotto from being in the races anymore. “I think we have taken the most points this season and Mattia was not here. If in the next race we do not get so many points, we are going to try to keep him at home! ”, He fired. However, he clarified that: “I don’t think it had anything to do with it, I don’t believe in that kind of thing.”

Despite the jokes, Vettel closed saying that the weather conditions helped the result. «It is a team effort. There are so many people and there are so many different ties that we have to come together to have a good weekend. It is clear that this weekend we have benefited from the circumstances, probably the surface and the wet conditions. We hope to also have good performances in the three remaining races, “he concluded.

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