Germán Delfino and his look on Tevez’s kick

Germán Delfino and his look on Tevez's kick

The controversy and the echoes of the iron that Carlos Tevez applied to Tomás Pochettino’s right leg as soon as the match between Boca and Talleres last Sunday started still resounding.

After turning through all the programs of debate, analysis and gossip, and the almost unanimous consensus on the safe expulsion that the disqualifying action would have deserved, the release of referee German Delfino appeared. Of course, he did not choose any TV tribune, he preferred to give his point of view in the form of a response to a post by Doctor Herbella, a former player and regular protagonist as a football analyst.

Undoubtedly, the forward deserved the red card for his action, untimely, behind and violent, but he was only cautioned by referee Germán Delfino. But undoubtedly the general opinion also conditioned a lot the abundant file that Carlitos has in these types of situations: he seriously injured Ezequiel Ham in an Argentinos-Boca in La Paternal, a stomp on Ramón Arias in a match against San Lorenzo and two crashes with Newell’s goalkeepers who ended up injured: Ezequiel Unsain and Alan Aguerre.

Delfino, who only took him yellow and because of the dynamics that reached the controversy over his refereeing, was stopped and will not direct on the next date of the Professional League Cup, in his long answer he stated that: “Hello Juan … A One of the keys is what you say, the ball was no longer there but a few meters ahead. My vision went a bit with that. Later, I come from the left side where the same body of the Talleres player covers me a bit. Exact point where it hits and I have to decide in a thousandth of a second, with a single angle and without repetition. Obviously I work and prepare to give my best on a field of play, regardless of jersey, player, team or time of the game. That is why I am also an ultra defender of VAR, because in the face of all these details that one loses on the playing field, with the speed and rapidity that things happen and how we are judged with three or four angles and with different repetitions and speeds, what better than having them available On to be as fair as possible, despite the fact that many situations are of interpretation. I hope I have been able to respond to your query, in the first person, believe me or not with what I express. Big hug”.

The controversy will continue to talk while the players exaggerate when it comes to vehemence, which some shield in delivery and others attack as malicious intent.

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