He finished it! Daniel Cormier exploded against Jon Jones for wanting to be number 1 in the UFC

He finished it!  Daniel Cormier exploded against Jon Jones for wanting to be number 1 in the UFC

The former champion of UFC, Daniel cormier, does not lower your energy when it comes to Jon jones, so once again insulted him. Both Americans have been talking about throughout their careers in Mixed Martial Arts, with belts in between and dozens of fights on their backs. In addition to this, the confrontations they had between them were also massive, with really hot climates. Now, with one of the two retired, the words keep crossing.

“One of the most talented guys you’ll ever meet, but again to me, bad drug tests remove you from the conversation. I just can’t understand how that is so difficult to understand in a sport where we are fighting each other. In baseball, bad tests eliminate you from being considered and being in the Hall of Fame and you are hitting a ball. You’re hitting an object that has no sensitivity, ”the former MMA star began by explaining.

On the other hand, Daniel He also stressed: “In fights, you are hitting people, human beings, and you have bad evidence that eliminates you. It is too dangerous. So I think when you start thinking about the best of all time for all things and all the great victories, you can’t look at those. It’s hard for me to say that Jon Jones is the best of all time when every time we fought, there was some kind of problem. “

An eternal rivalry

“That to me just changes the conversation. Hit a baseball, the ball has no sensitivity. You’re hitting him with a bat and watch Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa get treated. Look at how those guys are treated in that sport. There was no rule that said these guys couldn’t take steroids and see how they treat them. Look how they treat them, “added” DC “to his words.

Concluding with his sayings, Daniel cormier commented: “Jones it was having bad tests while we had USADA and people still want to place it at the top of the greatest list of all time. That’s insane, it can’t be number 1. It wasn’t even illegal in baseball in the late ’90s and those guys are hitting home runs 50 yards more than they ever have. Obviously, it is a different sport, but it seems that the chances of damage are much more serious in Mixed Martial Arts.

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