The best of Mono Burgos in F90

The best of Mono Burgos in F90

Germán ‘Mono’ Burgos spoke exclusively with ESPN F90 and clarified the situation of ‘Cholo’ Simeone and the Argentine National Team.

“The Argentine National Team was never talked about, we always hope to be there, but they never called us. The National Team has to offer it to you and it never happened, ”said the former assistant at Atlético de Madrid.

“As far as I know they never offered it. You would have to ask him if he would accept. I would love to direct the Selection. One that has been there for so long, I would like to be, “he added.

Highlights from Burgos’ talk on ESPN F90:

The Argentine National Team and Lionel Messi

“It is a difficult game for Argentina, they both need to win.”

“We charge everything to Messi. You have to wonder if others make their contribution or would they have to contribute more so that he can shine and not burden him with everything ”.

“Scaloni is looking for the best way to help Messi. He knows that today he has to win ”.

“I don’t think Messi is in his last stage with the National Team. On different occasions they were close to winning, they came second a few times and what Messi did was important ”.

“The one who brings the ball closer to Messi is missing. Lo Celso can be ”.

His future as a coach

“In principle I will wait for what comes up here in Spain. I have rejected offers and I have not been able to start because they would not let me work at Atlético with the Champions League ”.

“The genetics of each team is special. It is not the same to lead a team to become a champion than one to enter a cup or save yourself from relegation.

His love for River and the possibility of replacing Gallardo

“River has always been my home. I know that I will stop by in the future. We’ve gotten together a lot of times with Enzo. I am very close to him and Gallardo. There is respect because there is a friend there and I want him to do very well ”.

“Armani is already in the history of River. The only thing he has to think about is retiring at River and not at Atlético Nacional ”.

“I think they have already called Marcelo. But I think that there is a pact of the group to finish all together, with D’Onofrio and I think it will. He is there to train big teams in Europe ”.

“The possibility of replacing Gallardo I live intensely. Marcelo has to go through the front door when he decides ”.

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