The incredible confession of Lewis Hamilton after the title: “They were fundamental”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton he continues to redouble his bet after winning his seventh title. The 2020 season was marked by several nuances that were clearly seen. The first and best known is that of the pandemic. The calendar and the special aura that the Formula 1 was very affected. And the second is the fight for social movements, which have been a lot in recent times in the category. In this case, the British was the spearhead.

After winning the championship, Lewis Hamilton again made it clear that his presence in the sport has a lot to do with his fight for social and racial equality. The pilot of Mercedes gave an interview this Monday to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ and commented on the constant obstacles that were put in his life for the simple fact of being Afro.

Throughout his life, Lewis Hamilton was discriminated against and according to his words he fights every day so that this remains in the past. “They told me that African Americans don’t win. I try to be an example for guys like me. I am motivated by the desire to win to inspire others. When I was a child, I dreamed that one day I could run. But when he watched the Grand Prix on TV, excited for (Michael) SchumacherI even thought landing in F1 was a great goal, “he commented.


On the other hand, Hamilton again said that Muhammad Ali it is one of his most important sources of inspiration in sports. «He is my favorite because of the charisma, the style, the technique he used. I am fascinated by what he did and impressed by his values. I am also inspired by others in sport, such as Serena Williams. Then also Nelson Mandelaof course. They were fundamental for me.


Finally, the English pilot commented that he had talks with Ferrari. “We spoke on some occasions, but we did not go beyond understanding what options were on the table and they were not the right ones. Our positions have never been aligned, I think time matters and things happen in the end for a reason: in the last few seasons my contract always expired in different years than all the other drivers. In the end it was like that, “he closed.

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