What everyone wanted to hear! Conor McGregor revealed his future in the UFC

What everyone wanted to hear!  Conor McGregor revealed his future in the UFC

Days after his second fight against Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor he broke the silence before the press. The extraordinary and legendary fighter of UFC He will have his return to the most important octagon of Mixed Martial Arts, after having announced his retirement in February of this year. After organizing an event outside the company, the one to be held in Dublin, Ireland, “The Notorious” signed their contract for January.

“You know what I’m saying, you know there are challenges, of course, every year, every day, every second, there are always challenges. But to me I am a true and true optimist, and although a lot is happening around the world, there are many opportunities. There are many opportunities to adapt and evolve into something else. All companies are forced to adapt and evolve and that is only good, ”the Irishman began highlighting.

Further, Conor He also understands that good things are coming for him: «At any moment, even if he is forced to look in the mirror and his own practices and how he behaves and is forced to evaluate that and grow through that, that is only positive. So I see this year as an opportunistic year. There are many things that are moving and shaking and you better believe that through this situation that we are faced with, you will see incredible things happen.

The best moment of your career?

“I just look at it with an opportunistic mindset and am very optimistic that good things will happen. That has always happened to me. Every time something bad has happened to me, or every time I have been faced with something that forces me to look at myself or look around, it has always worked for the better. You have to go through the storm to get to the sun, as they say. So for me that is the way I am seeing this year “, also asserted the British.

To close, the eternal Conor McGregor She explained: “Instead of looking all the time at the doom and sadness that surrounds us sometimes, sometimes it seems like it’s so overwhelming, look inward. Look inside yourself. What are the things that feel like minor things, but are really the most important things? What are the minor things you can do on your own that can improve it? Back to basics, back to foundations, back to core. Handle these things and the prospect will start to look a lot better. It has to start from the inside.

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