Button’s incredible statement about Fernando Alonso: “You wouldn’t want him on your team”

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso it is the center of attention of the last days. The Spanish is doing several tests with the team Renault, to thoroughly prepare your return to the Formula 1 in 2021. That is why several retired pilots think about the return after two years to the top category, among them is Jenson button, who was Alonso’s partner in McLaren.

Button highlighted the work that the Spaniard is carrying out. In addition, he commented that he regrets having retired from Formula 1, to compete in the Japanese GT. Among other issues, Button commented on how his relationship with Alonso was in the years shared at McLaren. Together they lived very hard times for the British team, which they began to lift now.

Button stressed that some drivers did the same as Alonso, when he retired from Formula 1, and then returned. «(Kimi raikkonen He also moved away from Formula 11 and spent a few years abroad, and realized how good Formula 1 is. That is why they return and that is why Fernando returns. It helped Kimi and I think Fernando will come back as a better driver ».

However, he had a criticism towards Spanish after some years as a partner. According to the Briton, Alonso was not a pilot who had much camaraderie in those years. “I don’t know if he will come back with more skills as a driver, or in the way he works with the team, but I think it will be different. Fernando from three or four years ago, you wouldn’t want him on your team. But now I think that he will be a much more team man and that he understands what it takes to succeed, “Button told ‘Motorsport.com’.


To close, Button noted that in hindsight, he regrets having made the decision to move away from the top flight. “It’s funny, because I look at Formula 1 and think, ‘I wish I had done it for a couple more years.’ But it’s easy to look back and say that, you forget that you gave a lot to Formula 1, that I spent 17 years competing in that category and I was really tired at the end and mentally exhausted.

Source: McLaren F1

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