Ecuador shines with good football in the Qualifiers, but who rubbed the lamp and brought out the genius

Ecuador shines with good football in the Qualifiers, but who rubbed the lamp and brought out the genius

The Ecuadorian team was very affected by the latest results due to the failure to qualify for the last World Cup, due to the leadership crisis, due to changes in technical directors and due to the pandemic

The Argentine coach Gustavo Alfaro, hired a month before Ecuador’s debut in the qualifying round of Qatar World Cup 2022, has rebuilt the illusion of a team in the midst of crisis and, as if rubbing a magic lamp, it seems to have brought out the genius that the Ecuadorian soccer player carries within.

With only two complete workouts, Alfaro He opened the record with a first confrontation with Argentina on October 13, in which his new team fell by the slightest difference but ended up cornering them in their field.

But since that meeting in Buenos Aires, Ecuador has made his talent shine by beating Uruguay 4-2, winning by 2-3 away from Bolivia, and overwhelming Colombia 6-1.

“Tricolor gale”, “Unpublished victory of the Tri on the coffee growers”, “Ecuador overwhelms Colombia”, “Good football and spectacle”, “Thirteen goals in three games”, are some of the headlines that in the last hours make the corridor to a coach who came stumbling, and after the vaunted “Cordón-Cruyff project” came face to face with the pandemic halt.

And with Latin American blood, in just two months, Alfaro It has flooded every Ecuadorian player with confidence, it has assured them credibility and worth, and it seems to have finished convincing them of their innate conditions, which were submerged for years in the institutional frameworks and paradigms of an increasingly competitive football.

“The Ecuadorian team was very hit from the last results by not qualifying to the last world, due to the managerial crisis, the changes in technical directors and the pandemic, “commentator Alfonso Laso, from the channel Teleamazonas.

And he considered that, faced with this difficult situation, Alfaro “It has been handled with a lot of common sense”, combining “young”, “experienced”, and “others in the middle of their careers looking to earn the position”.

And it is that it did not go to the extreme of summoning only players with football filming, or grouping only the winners of the historic South American Under-20 Championship last year in Chile and then bronze medalists in the Poland World Cup 2019.

He ended up making a perfect a priori mixture amid the expectation, doubts, fears and national anxiety that, after three qualifications to the World Cups (2002, 2006 and 2014), they savored the bitter elimination in the previous phase for Russia 2018 after an excellent start with four consecutive wins.

After Tuesday’s brilliant match against Colombia, Alfaro He was asked precisely about this parallel, and he replied that “humility” must prevail because “we still lack things”: “We lack maturity, time, work, serenity, concentration and lucidity to make the exact decisions at certain times”.

An anchor to land in the middle of the euphoria of winning a neighbor that has always been an uphill climb Tri.

And it is that not even the greatest dreamer or optimist of Ecuadorians imagined that in two months Alfaro was going to shape a football idea that fit the national team’s finger.

The secrets that he seems to have rediscovered are the Ecuadorian player’s speed, physical power, endurance and high doses of technique, qualities with which he has surprised in more than one play, leaving his attackers in front of the rival goalkeeper in just three deep touches.

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