For the title? Dana White referred to McGregor vs. Poirier 2 and broke the nets

For the title?  Dana White referred to McGregor vs.  Poirier 2 and broke the nets

Conor McGregor Y Dustin Poirier they will have their rematch fight in UFC, so that Dana White he exploited the networks with his sayings. With just over two months to go, the Irishman and the American are preparing in the best way to culminate with a great history in Mixed Martial Arts. After the supposed retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov, the king of the Lightweight, many believe that this fight should be for the title.

‘I didn’t know that had happened. I told you guys that I think it’s going to go 30-0. If he’s still testing, why the heck would you want to test if you’re not going to fight? He hasn’t committed, but I feel like he will. I’m not really pushing it. We talked about it and he just struggled. Let him take time out, spend time with his family, spend the holidays. No hurry. No, it won’t be for the title. Khabib is going to fight again. I think he’s going to fight. It’s not because of the title “, was what he said Dana White.

On the other hand, the ‘boss’ had also pointed out the following some time ago:’ It’s 155 pounds. I’m not going to put up a goddamn multi-million dollar fight with a catch weight that means nothing. That fight means nothing at 170. Neither of them is rated at 170 pounds and they don’t do anything in the 155-pound division if either of them win because they’re fighting at 170. It literally doesn’t make sense. “

Who also spoke a few hours ago was Conor McGregor, the one who mentioned: “You know what I’m saying, you know there are challenges, of course, every year, every day, every second, there are always challenges. But to me I am a true and true optimist, and although a lot is happening around the world, there are many opportunities. There are many opportunities to adapt and evolve into something else. All companies are forced to adapt and evolve and that is only good.

There is great expectation

In turn, a few days ago, the Irishman shared a post on Instagram different from the rest, being a video of him as an image and with a strong message. “You can run, but you can’t hide,” was what the legendary Mixed Martial Arts fighter wrote. Given this, one of the messages that most attracted attention was that of Dustin Poirier, who said: “Let’s go !!”, referring to the crossing that both will have in a few weeks.

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