Great last night! The Contender Series gave its last four contracts to the UFC this year

Great last night!  The Contender Series gave its last four contracts to the UFC this year

At the tenth and last stop of the Dana White’s Contender Series this year, four new contracts for UFC were delivered. The same number, but of fighters, were those who returned to the program, after not being able to sign a link previously. Anyway, with a TKO, a submission and three fights defined by the judges’ cards, the president went home very happy.

Summary of the fights

The fight that opened Week 10 was with two female flyweights, being one of the highlights of the night. There, Chelsea Hackett, one of the best fighters in the division, was outmatched by the Invicta FC veteran, Victoria Leonardo. «I am an Invicta fighter and she is a Muay Thai champion, believe me she hits very hard. In any case, her experience is not comparable to mine, ”said the winner.

In the second contest, Tucker lutz it came at the behest of the judges for the second time this year, leaving Dana White doubtful about it. The Lightweight did the same against Sherrard Blackledge, another who also got another shot on the show. It should be noted that the control time of the first mentioned was what led him to stay with the victory. “I’m happy, although I came here to finish it before,” he closed.

Gloria de Paula, on the other hand, she also dominated every corner of the Octagon, leading to a flawless victory. In front of him he had Ronda Rousey’s training partner, Pauline Macías, who aspired to much more, but came across a very good fighter. Balance, speed and skill were the strongest points of the Brazilian, who was finally able to get a contract with UFC.

Nick maximov (6-0), the one who is always seen fighting with the Light Heavyweight, this time he made a promotion to collide with Mexican Oscar Cota (11-2). The two mentioned above are currently the opposite ends of the higher division, with Maximov at 209 pounds and Cota at 263.5. Thus, between them there is a difference of 54.5 pounds. This certainly didn’t matter to Nate and Nick Diaz’s ward, who ultimately walked away with a win.

After a very good first round for both of them, the husband of the renowned Cheyanne Buys, JP, ended up with a great triumph in his backpack. The South African always stood out for his mobility and speed, which, combined with his grappling, helped him finish things off. Marc Goddard ended the fight thinking that Jacob Silva was passed out, which he was not, and took a new contract for UFC.

Contender Series # 36 Results

JP Buys (125.5) (first round submission win) vs. Jacob Silva (125).
Oscar Cota (263.5) vs. Nick maximov (209) (victory by unanimous decision).
Gloria de Paula (115.5) (victory by unanimous decision) vs. Pauline Macias (115).
Sherrard Blackledge (155) vs. Tucker lutz (155.5) (victory by unanimous decision).
Chelsea Hackett (126) vs. Victoria Leonardo (125) (victory by TKO in the second round).

New contracts

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