“I built a superstar”: Óscar de la Hoya talks about the break with Canelo Álvarez

Construí una súper estrella: Óscar de la Hoya habla de la ruptura con Canelo Álvarez

Oscar de la hoya ensures that you have already overcome the break with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and that he is proud to have built a superstar.

“The first couple of weeks I was a bit depressed,” he said. From the pot in interview for the podcast The 3 Knockdown Rule. “Thinking about what I did wrong, what the company did wrong to deserve this.”

However, for From the pot the feeling that he built a superstar is what comforts him.

“When you are transparent and do everything correctly, and show all the cards, you can feel good about yourself,” he added. Oscar. “You can say that you have built a great champion, that you have built a superstar. I got him the best contract in the history of the sport. I should be proud of that. “

From the pot believes that the decision of Canelo To file a lawsuit was not a decision that came from the fighter himself, but that he believes that there is someone else behind.

“I wish the Canelo all the best, “he said From the pot. “I’m sure this was not his decision. I’m sure it was the people around him, maybe there were people who managed to speak in his ear ”.

From the pot also revealed that during the legal dispute with the Canelo He never felt that things were going to work out to avoid the breakup and to all work together again.

“I think we were never close (to resolving the situation and working together again,” he revealed Oscar. “When you have a fighter convinced for some reason (to leave), it is very difficult for him to regret his decision because the fighters are so proud. But I wish the best to Canelo. If someone promised him more than what we had for him, or what we offered him, and he doesn’t get it, it’s not going to look good. They were all very flexible. We were flexible. But when you are a fighter, you are a fool. “

On the subject of how the Canelo fighting as a free agent now, and taking his own risks, Oscar de la hoya seems to have some reservations. I think this is a bad time to take risks.

“Go to Gervonta davis against Santa Cruz“, he pointed From the pot. “When I heard Floyd say it had the potential to sell 2 million homes. I wanted to believe it, to convince myself that if they did it was a home run. But how much did they achieve? 120,000? 150,000 houses? The market for Pay-Per-View is not what it used to be. There are 75,000 people without work ”.

Oscar de la hoya is convinced that he can continue his promoter without Canelo. And that will continue to create super stars.

“We are going to continue doing what we did,” he added. From the pot. “We have an impressive stable of champions and prospects. I’m really excited about our full potential to create the next super stars. It will be fun”.

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