It was clear to me! Lewis Hamilton’s warning to Mercedes that surprised everyone

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton he reached all seven world titles after his victory at the Turkish Grand Prix. The Briton equaled the mark he held alone Michael Schumacher for 16 years. Hamilton achieved his first title with Mclaren and then it was totally overwhelming when the team arrived Mercedes in the year 2013.

This week, ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ released an interview they did with Lewis Hamilton after winning his championship. In it, Hamilton made mention of his arrival to the German team, in addition to mentioning the harsh childhood in which he remembered the mistreatment he received due to his skin color. the Briton recalled the warning he gave Mercedes upon arriving at the box.

Hamilton assured that the social struggle he is carrying out is very rewarding. «It is not easy to take these problems out and talk about them. So I try to be very open. Maybe somewhere a boy or a girl is suffering from discrimination or sexism and they also know that they have a lot to say. By seeing me they can find the courage to do so.

In addition, Hamilton added that in his childhood many friends and acquaintances repeated to him that being a person of color he was not going to get very far in sports, however he changed the paradigm. «When you are young, many people explain to you that there are things that you cannot do, even your own parents. “No one in the family, from our origins, has done it before.” That is why people like Muhammad Ali I like them and they are fundamental to me ».


At the end of the note, Hamilton assured that when he arrived at the Mercedes team he gave a strong warning to be able to seal the link that would change the history of Formula 1. “Before signing with Mercedes I told them: ‘Be careful because I am different. Let me be myself, let me test because I have to understand who I am. I will help them increase the value of the brand in the youth world. ‘ And that’s what happened.

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