Like you never saw it! Dana White made fun of Bob Arum, promoter of Terence Crawford

Like you never saw it!  Dana White made fun of Bob Arum, promoter of Terence Crawford

Dana White, president of the UFC, did not miss the opportunity to liquidate one of the most recognized promoters in the world. In turn, this is one of its main promotional rivals. It’s about the legendary Bob arum, who focuses on boxing and currently promotes Terence crawford. After a recent card from Top Rank, the aforementioned shot at the president of Mixed Martial Arts.

The reigning WBO Welterweight Champion has managed to excel in recent years, which is why he currently ranks No. 1 on Boxing Junkie’s pound-for-pound list. His physical condition, added to the qualities that he presents inside the octagon, are the highest points that have made him stay where he is. Anyway, now it was in a great controversy.

“He could build a house in Beverly Hills with the money I lost to him in the last three fights,” was what he communicated. Arum a few hours ago. After this, Dana White He replied, ‘Can you imagine if I say that? Are you kidding? You would kill me if I told you that. I would never hear the end of it. That is what you do. That’s not Crawford’s problem, that’s your problem.

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Following his words, the UFC “boss” also dictated: “Your problem is not figuring out how you make money. You signed a deal with this guy, by the number of people we have on the list, our list is very inflated right now. We have a very large list, the largest list we have had in the history of the company. I have to pay all these children. How I pay them is not your problem. It’s my problem”.

“Imagine me saying ‘oh, I have to pay Conor McGregor so much money, he could have built a house in Beverly Hills.’ Shut up, you bastard. Pay your fighter what you owe him, do your job. Bob arum It’s a piece of shit, “concluded Dana White, who clearly did not like the words of the boxer’s promoter at all. Now, there is probably a new chapter.

Knowing that Dana White nothing is silent, it is likely that Bob arum don’t either. In these hours there would be a new response, the one that would obviously make the president of the leading Mixed Martial Arts company explode even more. It should be noted that the sayings of the UFC President appeared after the last day of the Dana White’s Contender Series this Tuesday, with which the 2020 season closed.

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