Lionel Messi’s match in Argentina’s triumph in Peru

Lionel Messi's match in Argentina's triumph in Peru

Lionel Messi had a match from lowest to highest in Argentina’s 2-0 victory over Peru, for the CONMEBOL Qualifiers.

Leo played in a more central position and set up the game, than what can be seen in Barcelona and had some chances to score, but he left without converting.

At 4 minutes he had the first chance on a set ball with a free kick in a very favorable position for his left foot, but the shot bounced off the barrier and went to the corner.

Several minutes passed for him to come into contact with the ball again and he had to go back to the middle of the court due to the strong Peruvian brand and the dominance of the ball by the locals.

Without much contact with the ball, Messi helped in the pressure and even went down to score and reject a ball to the corner in defense.

At 27 minutes, Leo had his first great appearance, starting the play that ended in a goal from Lautaro Martínez, with a good pass for Leandro Paredes, who assisted the ‘Toro’.

Five minutes later he led a great attack that by centimeters does not become the third with himself heading into the small area.

At 36, he almost scored his goal with a good pass behind Nicolás González, but his shot was not precise and went over the top.

Collaborative as he was rarely seen, Messi put his body to prevent the advance of Luis Abram, achieving the goal kick in favor.

At 46 minutes he had his clearest in the first half with a perfectly executed counter, but at the moment of defining, they blocked the shot.

In the last of the first half, Messi returned to recover a ball and launch the attack, but just barely missed a pass from Lautaro Martínez.

Both Messi and Argentina had some problems in the first minutes, but they grew as the game progressed and finished at a high level, especially after the first goal.

In the second half, Peru sought to have more the ball trying to reach the discount and this made Messi not be able to touch it much at the start, but without stopping to assist in the mark.

At 13 minutes he put a spectacular thrust to enable Lautaro Martínez who did not arrive by millimeters and on the rebound Lucas Ocampos almost converted the third.

Three minutes later came a controversy, when he was knocked down in the area when he was trying to hook to finish off, but the referee did not mark anything nor the VAR called him to review it.

At 18, he had a clear chance, but it took him a long time to find the hole to finish off and his shot was blocked.

At 26, he received a rebound after several shots, but could not overcome the first obstacle that was put in front of him.

Five minutes later he had a typical Barcelona play with the ball dominated and hooking towards the center, but his placed shot was barely deflected.

At 40 he recovered a ball and entered the area, but they caught up with him and destabilized him. Again the referee did not consider enough contact to charge a penalty.

Thus ended his 142nd match with the Argentine National Team. reaching Javier Zanetti in second place and 5 games by Javier Mascherano, the player with the most appearances with the Albiceleste.

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