Peru vs. Argentina – Game Report – November 17, 2020

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Peru vs.  Argentina - Game Report - November 17, 2020

(EFE) – Argentina signed an indisputable victory against Peru 2-0 in a very comfortable match for the Albiceleste, so much so that this time Lionel Messi did not have to come to the rescue and was worth it with the speed on the left wing and the goals Nicolás González and Lautaro Martínez to add the three points in the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

With this victory, Argentina already accumulates 10 points at the end of the fourth day of the South American Qualifiers for Qatar 2022, while Peru closes one of the poorest starts in the qualifying phase with a single point out of 12 possible.

La Albiceleste had the most comfortable and peaceful game of the four they have played so far in the Qualifiers, against a very flat and fearful opponent, who again accused the absences in the lead of Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán but this time also of Renato Tapia in the center of the field.

The defensive forcefulness, both in the back and in the medullary, was conspicuous by its absence in the Peru team and that once again condemned the team led by Argentine Ricardo Gareca, who already has 9 goals received in four games and has not scored any in favor in the last two games.

With Italo-Peruvian striker Gianluca Lapadula in his first starting game, Blanquirroja seemed at first more in tune than in the other three previous games of the Qualifiers but it was a mirage that was dissolved very soon.

Specifically, after in the 9th minute the midfielder Christian Cueva wasted the best opportunity of the Peruvian team in the entire match by not defining well a heads up with the Argentine goalkeeper Franco Armani.

After that scare for the Albiceleste, the Argentines took a step forward and discovered a very timorous and condescending Peruvian team that allowed Messi and company to move freely.

The visitors found little resistance to advance through the center of the court but especially on the left wing, where the speed of González, Lo Celso and Tagliafico carried Corzo and Santamaría down the street of bitterness, two novelties in the Peruvian rear in a Gareca’s failed bet.

With a quick combination between those three players, González shot Gallese with a cross shot that put the first goal on the scoreboard before 20 minutes of play.

Before the 30, the 0-2 came from the hand of Lautaro Martínez, who when the game was still 0-0 was shocked after missing a clear shot near the goal.

The second goal reflected the amazing ease with which Argentina surpassed Peru, as the play was started by Messi in the middle of the field with total freedom of movement, but it was Paredes who, with all the time in the world, gave a pass in depth between the two centrals of Peru for Martínez to dribble past Gallese and score with the empty goal.

In the second half, Messi sought his goal harder, first by trying to dribble a defender almost in front of the goal, and then with a subtle and delicate shot that brushed the post.

However, the Barcelona striker maintains his particular statistics in qualifying rounds with Peru, against which he never loses but has not scored yet.

Peru is together with Brazil the only rivals that the Argentine striker has not yet been able to score in the knockout rounds.

Tagliafico was closer to scoring the third goal for Argentina, catching a rebound on the edge of the area and setting up a first shot that Gallese managed to clear.

In the final minutes the Peruvians continued to attack with more heart than ideas, without a clear order, at the expense of some lucky genius from Christian Cueva or André Carrillo to reach the rival area, but that did not arrive and leaves Blanquirroja in a very difficult situation. delicate.

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