Scandal! The judge ended the last Contender Series fight thinking he was passed out.

Scandal!  The judge ended the last Contender Series fight thinking he was passed out.

The Dana White’s Contender Series had a controversial situation this Tuesday night, when the judge unnecessarily stopped a match. The winner, JP Buys, had a very good performance in the Apex cage, a stage located in Las Vegas, Nevada. In front he had Jacob Silva, a great fighter with a lot of experience in MMA. Without a doubt, this was one of their most interesting duels, although it ended as no one expected.

After a very good first round for both of them, the husband of the renowned Cheyanne Buys ended up with a great victory in his backpack. The South African always stood out for his mobility and speed, which, combined with his grappling, helped him finish things off. Although it was not the way he wanted, he finally went home happy and with a positive result for him.

Either of the two had the chance to win the victory, taking into account the good qualities that both presented in the previous one. This being the case, it was precisely at the close of the first round when the judge, Marc goddard, ended the fight. JP Buys he did a very deep guillotine, which left Jacob Silva without mobility. In this way, he did not think about the situation any more and decided to separate them, thinking that he was passed out.

This really is incredible. I will never have tapas. Before that I’m going to pass out. I don’t understand why the fight stopped. I was well. This is how things are, “said the loser, at the end of the event on Tuesday. In turn, the winner also said: «I am going home happy, although perhaps it was not as we all expected. Anyway, it was a great fight and he is a very good fighter.

Contender Series # 36 Results

JP Buys (125.5) (first round submission win) vs. Jacob Silva (125).
Oscar Cota (263.5) vs. Nick Maximov (209) (win by unanimous decision).
Gloria de Paula (115.5) (victory by unanimous decision) vs. Pauline Macias (115).
Sherrard Blackledge (155) vs. Tucker Lutz (155.5) (win by unanimous decision).
Chelsea Hackett (126) vs. Victoria Leonardo (125) (victory by TKO in the second round).

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