The conclusions of a double day of remembrance for Ecuador

The conclusions of a double day of remembrance for Ecuador

The Ecuadorian National Team closed the second double round of Qualifiers with six points and 9 goals in favor, which keeps it at the top of the standings.

The numerical balance is unbeatable. La Tri maintained the sweeping pace in Quito and also added three very important points in La Paz, where other competitors usually find it harder to prevail. Anyway, the positive beyond the table position was the performance.

Ecuador managed to consolidate the good feelings of the first two days, especially those of the match against Uruguay. That day, the team had shown freshness and forcefulness against one of the candidates, something that not only maintained but also deepened in these matches.

Undoubtedly, the great virtue of this Selection is its offensive power. He is the highest scoring team in the Playoffs and has the resources to reach the goal in different ways. In Quito he takes advantage of the speed of his attackers, the game on the sides and the punch. And it does not forgive.

Gustavo Alfaro must be very calm. What has generally cost his teams the most, hurting in attack, with these players he has almost resolved. Everyone is in a position to score, even the centrals with their passing game.

As for individual performances, it is difficult to highlight just one, but one can try to summarize this moment in the name of Moisés Caicedo. By youth, performance and projection, it can become the symbol of this era. Figure in each of the games, marks the balance and also gives the right pass to activate the fast attackers. It has no roof.

Another point to highlight is the immediate understanding that the coaching staff and players had. It seems like they have been months of work and not just a handful of matches. The campus believes Alfaro and responds.

The points give time to work on the defensive aspect, something that the Argentine coach knows very well. In Buenos Aires something was seen. Ecuador can also be an orderly, disciplined group prepared to take advantage of more sporadic occasions. That is also essential in this Elimination.

The next double date will be in March and Ecuador will visit Venezuela and receive Chile, two adversaries with whom it can maintain this step that could take it to Qatar 2022.

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