There is talent! Silvana Gómez Juárez assures that in Argentina there are «warriors» for the UFC

There is talent!  Silvana Gómez Juárez assures that in Argentina there are «warriors» for the UFC

In the Lux Fight League cage, Silvana Gomez Juarez will have action this November 20 and wants to reach UFC. The event will be at the Barceló Maya Grand Resort in the Riviera Maya, where Argentina will collide with Mexican Diana Reyes. Thus, the woman from Tucumán spoke with the press before her new presentation, where she just complimented the Argentine fighters. With great confidence and security, he affirmed that there are great talents.

«With the sports psychologist that I had at some point I am no longer working. I have a friend who does coaching, and we always work on the mental. It is one of the main things that the fighter has to have, especially to overcome when things really get ugly. That helps you to be a little better every day. I work a lot on meditation so that I can focus on strategy. You have to be very focused and here I learned that you have to stay focused on the goal, “she began by explaining.

In turn, in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, Silvana He added: ‘I did not go to Argentina still. Before the pandemic, my mother was about to come and all this happened. We continue with those plans that at any moment she will come here. Going to see them is in my plans all the time, it is not something that I overlook. Family is very important, but the good thing is that they support me a lot and we are in contact all the time.

Trust your country

«I believe that we are great warriors and the only thing that the Argentina it is the support and having people who are more in touch with the new. Professional teams. Just as at one point I was training there and had to go to another country to have a professional team, I think Argentina is going to achieve it and I already see fighters who come together, who are forming a pro team, ”he also communicated, highlighting the talent in your country.

Delving deeper into what she thinks about Mixed Martial Arts in Argentina, Silvana Gomez Juarez he dictated: «It is like everything to lungs and that is what we reflect above the ring and the cage. In the future, Argentina is going to put its grip on him and everything he has to have to get ahead. I follow several athletes who are trying their best to stay in shape despite all of this. I think Argentines are very capable and talented.

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