Tremendous! Valentino Rossi spoke of Marc Márquez: «He paid dearly»

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi returned to official competition after several weeks in which he had to isolate himself because he contracted COVID-19. The Italian showed his happiness to see that his test could pass the two controls required by the organizers of MotoGP to enter the paddock. That is why this Tuesday, ‘Vale’ commented on what the feelings were. However, after a long time he spoke again about the injury that took him away from the tracks. Marc Márquez.

The pilot of Yamaha He spoke to his fans in an interview conducted in the framework of an Italian motorcycle festival. Among other things, Rossi commented on how the year has been taking place. Rossi’s season is one of the worst in his sporting history, but ‘Il Dottore’ assures that despite everything that happened to him, “there are positive things in this calendar.”

“I had to see if changing something in the team could be more competitive and this in some cases happened because I had some good weekends where I was fast. Unfortunately in Misano I fell, I was very unlucky. I spoiled the Barcelona race that I could make a great podium. Then came the COVID-19 and it was terrible, “said Valentino.

In addition, Rossi has a goal in mind for next year: That the season is regular. The arrival of his brother, Luca marini, at the highest level is a nice challenge for Valentino. “I hope that 2021 is a normal season because this year COVID-19 has affected a lot on the grid. I’m happy to race with Luca, he has always believed in that because he has been telling me for 2 years ».

Marc Márquez

Finally, the Italian gave his opinion on what Marc Márquez is going through in his recovery. The Spanish already confirmed that he will not return this season, and his return is unknown. “Unfortunately, these are things you cannot joke about. I already had a serious injury the first time. Returning immediately was a big problem and paid dearly for it. It must be very bad to stay at home so long and also to have doubts about the future also because Márquez is very young. When you have such serious injuries you have to take adequate time to recover, “said the Italian idol.

Márquez faces a long recovery process Source: Instagram Marc Márquez

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