When does he say it? Sergio Pérez expects his continuity in Formula 1: «It would be a real tragedy»

Sergio Pérez

In the last weeks, Sergio perez You must decide what you will do with your future. The Mexican pilot will leave Racing point at the end of the season, and what will happen in 2021 is a mystery. The doors of the teams were closing one after another and only two structures did not communicate their pairs for the next calendar of the Formula 1.

Last weekend, Sergio Pérez showed again that he has enough talent to continue at the highest level. He achieved an unexpected second place in the previous Turkish Grand Prix and again beat his teammate Lance Stroll. Also, after Lewis hamilton he is the rider who has scored the most points so far this year.

In his usual column to each Grand Prix, Ross Brawn got rid of accolades behind the podium. In it, Brawn assured that he hopes the Mexican will continue in the paddock next year. «Pérez made a great performance, I have said it before, it would be a tragedy if he did not continue in Formula 1 next year. It deserves a place, I would say it is more than deserved. If your team wants a competitive driver to take advantage of every opportunity, Pérez is your man.

Sabbatical year, the option

In recent days, the Mexican driver himself commented that time is running out to be able to sign a contract for next year. In addition, he had advanced that if he did not continue in Formula 1, he would not be disappointed. “I think I can consider myself a privileged person, because I have had a great career so far. If I get to leave the sport, I leave with pride, “said Pérez.

In addition, he assured that he is thinking of taking a sabbatical year in case he does not have the offers he wants for next year. «I will not know if I will continue in Formula 1 until the end of the season. So I think a gap year is an option. The season is going to end, so I definitely have to know my plans, I need to know what’s going on so I can plan my future.

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