Crawford tiene el historial más débil de todos los Libra por Libra, según entrenador de Spence

Derrick James, coach of Errol spence, believes that Terence crawford He is the fighter with the weakest record among Libra for Libra fighters.

“As a champion, and on the Libra for Libra list, Terence crawford has the weakest record in boxing, “he said. Derrick James, in an interview for Fight Hub. “So sorry. Of many of the rivals of Crawford we didn’t know who they were like Postol; from IndongoWe didn’t know who he was either. “

James think that to value a fighter, you have to assess the history of his rivals. And since Danny Garcia will be the next rival of his ward Errol spence, James compare the history of Danny Garcia against that of Kell brook, the last rival of Crawford.

“If you see the history of Kell brook it doesn’t even equate to what Danny Garcia has done, “he said James. “Danny Garcia has one of the deepest records, after Manny pacquiao“.

To express question whether he thinks that the place of Terence crawford on the Pound for Pound listings it’s overkill, James answered yes.

“To be a champion, you have to have great matchmakers,” he said. James. “The (Crawford), being a champion, they’ve been getting him rivals like he’s still a prospect. In other words, safe fights ”.