Exploded! Jussier Formiga destroyed the UFC for his dismissal: “They never valued me”

Exploded!  Jussier Formiga destroyed the UFC for his dismissal: "They never valued me"

Jussier FormigaTop-ranked flyweight on the list, he is the center of attention after being fired by UFC in these weeks. Clearly the move surprised many fans of Mixed Martial Arts, after it was a candidate for the title. There is no doubt that the Brazilian is a true veteran in this discipline, so he feels that way too. Therefore, he left several interesting phrases.

“My manager said he was in the final stages of recovery, but he wasn’t 100 percent ready to fight yet, and they said he was fine. They contacted my manager again last week and said they were going to eliminate 75 athletes, and I was one of them. What I am going to do? If they decide to cut me, I can’t do anything. I can not complain; I can’t be ungrateful with the UFC ”, was what the South American started saying.

To stand out, Jussier also said: “The UFC It was great for me, although I never really felt valued in the UFC. But it was a great opportunity in my life, a good time. Everything in life has a beginning and an end. I think there were many opportunities where he could have fought for the belt. I fought athletes who fought for the belt, I beat some, but I didn’t fight. It’s a bit confusing to think about it.

Won’t waste your time

“The first time, I won three in a row and they said I needed one more before fighting for the belt, and I lost a split decision to Henry Cejudo in Mexico. When I won four in a row, they said they couldn’t create an interim belt because Cejudo had the undisputed belt. It is complex to think that way. That is why I say that I did not feel fully valued in the UFC, ”the Brazilian highlighted in this regard.

To make your position clear and close with your words, Jussier Formiga He expressed: «And I was the only one to beat the current champion. They just don’t give a shit. If I am not valued, I will find my value elsewhere. I will discover my true worth. Depending on the offer, if it is something interesting, I will definitely think about it. Sergio Pettis, who I beat in the UFC, is fighting at 135 there, so it’s not out of this world. But it would have to be a great deal, for sure.

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