He retires! Donald Cerrone set a date for his departure from the UFC

He retires!  Donald Cerrone set a date for his departure from the UFC

After the tie between Donald cerrone against Niko Price in the UFC Vegas 11, the “Cowboy” said he will have one last fight. In addition to the professionalism that is already known about him, he also understands that he is no longer the same as before. On this occasion, the aforementioned made it clear that he will not have several more contests, but one. In this way, social networks exploded, being one of the legends of Mixed Martial Arts.

This is the last race. That’s it. I don’t have much left, in time. If I’m really going to say that this is my last race, really give it my all. I prefer to go out when I want. Go perform, enjoy it, and then kick off your boots while I’m still flying through the air, drop it. That they do not cut me, or that everyone tells me that I should slow down or stop, ”the great Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter began expressing.

For its part, Donald He highlighted: «I want to retire when I want to retire. I don’t care what other people want to say. Realistically, I probably have a couple of years left. I probably have four or five fights left. Now I can see the end of the tunnel, it’s there. We are at the end of the tunnel. So now he’s at the point where we’re talking about legacy and we’re talking about what I want to look back on. “

Wants to say goodbye in shape

So I’m no longer in the middle doing it, now I’m at the end. Like everything now, I don’t want to end like this. I want to end up kicking butt. I’m going to do everything in my power to finish like this. Now if it doesn’t go like this, it doesn’t go like this, but at least I can tell the kids, ‘Man, that’s all I had kids.’ But I don’t think that’s the case, “the” Cowboy “reviewed, highlighting everything that has happened and what he wants for his end.

Ending with his words, Donald cerrone He announced when his last fight could be, the one he already has planned: “I’m looking to fight next year. Here we are in November training. I want to get to the point where I’m 175 pounds, in shape, and kicking butt. Now let’s fight. Now I have eight weeks, 12 weeks, whatever to mark it. That’s my plan”.

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