Marcelo Tinelli: “San Lorenzo returns the surname to the neighborhood”

Marcelo Tinelli: "San Lorenzo returns the surname to the neighborhood"

All the San Lorenzo fans were waiting for this day with great enthusiasm and Marcelo tinelli led them in their march to the Porteña Legislature, where the first reading of the Rezoning Law, driven by the club to be able to relocate its stadium to the Boedo neighborhood after 40 years.

The president of the Cyclone spoke before entering the venue and stated: “It is a long-awaited day. We are very happy and hopeful for everything that is coming from here on. The first vote, a Rezoning law that was highly requested by the people, by all the leaders and by the Barça people. Being here in the Buenos Aires Legislature after such a long time makes us have a lot of expectations and a lot of emotion ”.

“It was hard for me to sleep last night, a beautiful day, we worked hard explaining to the almost 60 legislators everything that the project is, what the return of San Lorenzo to the neighborhood means, which goes far beyond building a stadium. It’s very important. Today we are going to have massive support from legislators, is what we hope. To give back to San Lorenzo what San Lorenzo always has. That is what we ask, that is what the people of San Lorenzo ask for, that is what the neighborhood asks for, ”added the leader of the Cyclone.

“It is not just a stadium, the stadium is a part. It contains much more. It is the return of those who took care of that neighborhood, of having our own identity this time, as we have always had it, is to give back the surname to the neighborhood. San Lorenzo returns the surname to the neighborhood ”, he closed.

In addition, Matías Lammens, former president of the club, was present: “In addition to being a historic day for the fans, it is a fight that takes a long time, a feat that is wonderful and popular. Yesterday I was talking with some legislators to chat a little about how today’s voting is going to be, and the legislators from other teams told me that the great popular causes do not have a shirt and I think that is the sample of what is going to happen today. A situation that moves all of us who like football and those who do not like it also because the truth is that it is ultimately an act of justice ”.

“This morning I was talking to my wife at my house and I told her that not coming here would betray me, my history, my family. Not having worked all that we could do these days so that we finally have this first reading, I would have betrayed myself. If I did what I did, and I had the possibility of achieving what I have achieved up to here, it is for my old man, my old woman and for San Lorenzo as well, “said the Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Nation.

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