Mike Perry responded to the domestic violence accusation: “Yes, I refuse.”

Mike Perry responded to the domestic violence accusation: "Yes, I refuse."

The ex-wife of Mike perry, Danielle nickerson, reported that he physically assaulted her “a handful of times.” The fighter of UFC He is currently in a relationship with another woman, with whom he is expecting a baby. He has shown himself with very unusual attitudes on several occasions, although many fans defend him. This time, it was he who defended himself and broke the silence about the legal case he has.

“Yes, I deny the accusations that our relationship, if you want to call it that, had its ups and downs, and is long overdue. We have been legally divorced and there is nothing to back up what he says, ”the fighter began by explaining. It should be noted that, in July, Nickerson He asked a judge for an order, who said: “General relationship problems and rude behavior did not qualify as domestic violence as stated in the order.”

Further, Mike He also summed up: “I didn’t put my hands on my ex at any point in our short-term marriage. I have said some things in the past that do not put me or what I defend in the best way and for that I apologize. I feel like the truth is always out there, and I’m grateful for my opportunities, especially with all the things that seem to work against me. I’m still here. I believe that I am a good person and I do not pretend not to harm anyone unless we sign a death waiver.

Flatly refuses

“I did not attack Nickerson that night, and I don’t think those accusations were necessarily made about the night 911 happened, because the night it happened, what happened was that Danielle stopped by my mother’s house, and I went to talk to my mother about tell him to come out and talk to me, and my mother said no, so I was like, ‘What the hell? Can we have a conversation? So my mom got mad at me because she was mad that I wasn’t going to tell that girl to go out and have a conversation with me. Whatever is. It’s great, “stressed the American.

In addition to the above, Mike perry She also communicated: “My mom has always been overly dramatic and misbehaved ever since she and my dad had me, because my dad was a wild guy, so she always expected something from me, and that’s probably one of the reasons. for which I never, never disrespected my mother. She took care of me all the time growing up, and I took care of her from a young age. My mom is a great worker. She has been a waitress for a long time.

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