Terrifying! Michael Chandler accepted Tony Ferguson’s challenge at UFC

Terrifying!  Michael Chandler accepted Tony Ferguson's challenge at UFC

The seasoned UFC fighter, Tony ferguson, got tired of waiting and asked Michael Chandler as your next rival. In addition to long ago challenging Khabib Nurmagomedov for a rematch, he now made sure to make it clear that he is looking to cross paths with the former Bellator champion in December. While nothing has been made official yet, many believe this would be one of the most interesting fights of the decade.

«There is a 0% chance that I will fight against Tony ferguson in December. And I know 100% that he knew, because the UFC already told him that, and I already said that I will see him in January. Now that we have Conor (McGregor) fighting Dustin (Poirier), it looks like that fight will be booked on January 23rd, they need a co-main event. Why wouldn’t it be Chandler against Ferguson? ”, was what the exBellator began saying, responding to his compatriot.

At the same time, Michael He also communicated: “The UFC did not offer me the fight in December, because they know that I am now on a timeline. I just gained weight in October. Everyone knows that I am an active fighter and that I train constantly, but I only needed four weeks off. Essentially Tony is campaigning for us to fight in 3.5 weeks. Tony, you had a chance to fight me in October and you said no. “

“You didn’t even mention fighting in December until after the 11th hour. Let’s face it and sign us up for January 23rd. If you think you still have what it takes to fight for a title, fight me on January 23rd. Why not seize that opportunity, instead of muddying the water with this nonsense? UFC has said that you have already accepted Another Fight that! So stop crying to ESPN for fighting me. You want to compete against me. I’ll be in Las Vegas on December 12th. Accept or move on », he closed Michael Chandler, shooting hard.

Ferguson’s order

“I’m not used to saying I have a chip on my shoulder but damn it, I want to compete. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. You need someone to push the cards before the new year ends. You have a Michael Chandler, truth? Chandler for December. Boom, line it up. I’m here and I’m waiting, fucking tired of waiting. I am here, I can, I am capable ”, communicated the“ Cucuy ”, a few hours ago.

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