The threats continue! Jan Blachowicz is not afraid of Israel Adesanya

The threats continue!  Jan Blachowicz is not afraid of Israel Adesanya

Dana White, President of the UFC, reported that he is studying a possible fight between Israel Adesanya Y Jan Blachowicz, for the title. After that, the Nigerian spoke with the press, acknowledging that, after crushing the Pole and keeping his title, he wants to go after Jon Jones’ footsteps. In this way, the current leader of the Semi-Heavyweight ensures that he is not afraid of him, in addition to making it clear that he will liquidate him.

“I think it would be better for him, safer for him, if he makes the first fight with someone of the contenders, not at the top of the table, but with someone from behind. That is going to be a problem for him, not for me. If you want to feel the legendary Polish power, I will be prepared for your beautiful style, “the Pole began. While he’s coming off winning his belt and is now king of the Light Heavyweight, he could have a great competitor in no time.

On the other hand, Jan He also stressed the following in this regard: “It’s good. Because I don’t like it when my life is boring. I like it when something happens all the time. Now I have two opponents. I can fight both of them in one night, no problem. I do this before. I did three fights in one night. I am kidding. They are good fighters, it would be difficult for this to happen. I don’t like to choose my opponents.

“We will see what the UFC says, if they tell me that your next fight will be with Glover, I will sign that there is no problem. If they tell me that your next opponent is Adesanya, I’ll sign it too. I don’t like to choose. If you want to give me Glover, no problem. If they want to give me Adesanya, no problem, “he closed Jan Blachowicz, who is looking for a rival for his first defense. Now, will the Nigerian be the one to challenge him?

Adesanya’s wish

Days ago, Israel Adesanya He highlighted: «I said that I am going to fight against the supposed GOAT, 2021, Raiders Stadium. I hope to God that after these elections all this bullshit from the crown is gone and then we can have crowds again, because that fight has to be in front of a crowd. It’s going to be the biggest fight in UFC history, I think, barring any fight that’s been featured. “

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