Will it happen? Racing Point wants to have Sebastian Vettel before the end of the year

Sebastian Vettel

Obtaining the podium last weekend did not leave the team satisfied Racing point. The team wants to have the presence of Sebastian Vettel, before the season ends. However, this will be very difficult, considering that the German driver will be working with Ferrari until January, despite his wishes being to be out of the structure.

Otmar Szafnauer He commented in the last hours that next year they hope to have one of the best seasons, with the arrival of Vettel. The team will have the name of Aston Martin, so hopes will be totally renewed. On the other hand, from the pink team they assure that they want Vettel to be at the top of the car in the tests at the end of the season, in Abu Dhabi.

According to the ‘Formula Passion’ medium, the Racing Point team boss expressed that they want to have the four-time champion in their ranks as soon as possible, instead of Sergio perez, who will leave the team. “Until January, Vettel has a contract with Ferrari. We have not yet asked Ferrari if Sebastian can be ‘released’ ahead of time to start working with us.

Vettel’s presence in the end-of-year test has a fundamental point. What must happen for Vettel to be in Abu Dhabi is that it is approved that he is also Fernando Alonso. The team Renault wants to count on the Spanish, despite the fact that the tests are intended for pilots who are about to ascend to the Formula 1.

Improve performance

On the other hand, Szafnauer assured the German newspaper Bild that they hope to have the best version of Vettel. “Our hope is that he will teach us how to win four titles, as he has already done in his career. We want to improve with Sebastian, we do not know if the room for improvement is considerable or not, but of course thanks to his experience every detail can be optimized to increase our competitiveness ”, he commented.

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