Gives up? Sergio Pérez’s chances of continuing in Formula 1 are running out: “It’s not in my hands”

Sergio Pérez

It seems to be a paradox of fate or an incredible tale. But Sergio perez he is having the best results of his sporting career, in the most difficult year for him. The Mexican is fighting tooth and nail to keep his place in the Formula 1. However, nothing seems enough for some teams who want to hire him.

After the podium obtained in the Grand Prix of Turkey, Sergio Pérez spoke with the British media Sky Sports F1 and stressed that the performance of the final races will not influence the chances of staying in Formula 1. In addition, he said that his results of the In recent years, the cars he drove in did not reflect the state he was in.

Again, the Mexican turned a deaf ear to questions about what lies ahead in his future. Red bull Y Nico Hulkenberg They do the same, but have not yet commented on it. Pérez, again, did not rule out the sabbatical year for 2021. “At the moment, I’m just concentrating on finishing at the top and if the opportunity arises, great. If not, I am prepared to stop for a year as well.

“It’s not in my hands”

On the other hand, ‘Checo’ assured that his performance will not influence the decision of the teams. “I think that in Formula 1 a seat is not 100% related to performance. We have already seen it with other pilots, there are so many things around a seat, around a pilot, that at the end of the day this is not in my hands “, commented the Mexican.

His best moment

Finally, Pérez confirmed that the last few years he should have finished higher in the qualifier, although he believes that this is the best moment for him. “I was finishing seventh in the championship, sometimes eighth, but I was still doing a good job. Now, I am at a very good level in my career, probably at my best in terms of experience, understanding and communication with the team.

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