En video, la transformación física de Mike Tyson, de los 10 a los 54 años

The physical transformation of Mike tyson Throughout its 54 years of life it is incredible, and this video shows it perfectly.

Tyson he mutated throughout history, and not just with his looks. From being a scrawny little one to obesity, with scales on the firmer muscle mass. Wind curlers, American cut, fully shaved, a thin mustache, or a small undercut on your chin, with formed the look (or appearances) of Iron mike.

What he never changed in his entire life was the violence of his penetrating gaze, which always exhibited his hunger for glory.

Some myths around Mike Tyson

At the young age of 12, the Brooklyn native is said to have knocked out adults with overwhelming force, scaring even those who witnessed his exploits.

Perhaps signed to success, the New Yorker managed to establish himself as heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council, with 20 years of existence.

His body and his personal characteristics always generated a cloud of fear, which moved around him.

Iron Mike’s physical changes

Tyson closed his professional career in 2005, after being defeated by Kevin McBride. From then on, everything went downhill for the American idol.

He completely abandoned the sport, and promoted bad habits that pushed him to a decline that seemed irremediable.

Excesses, addictions and misconduct were the banners of the Baddest Man on the Planet, on the assured path to his death.

In time, the former monarch of the world set course to his days, and achieved a formidable variation in his customs, which even threw him back into the ring.

Today, Mike Tyson shows a physical transformation that has put him almost at the level of his best years, and with an attitudinal improvement that is more than beneficial for his environment.

His return to boxing will be with his next exhibition against Roy jones jr, another great and historic champion.