Gabriel Rosado remembers when Jacobs humiliated him; told him that he would not fight someone of his level

Gabriel Rosado recuerda cuando Jacobs lo humilló; le dijo que no pelearía con alguien de su nivel

Gabriel Rosado remember the strong crossing of words that came to have with Daniel Jacobs a few months ago, who assured him that he would never face someone of the low level of Pink.

This occurred in the hours leading up to the fight between Jacobs Y Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in December 2019, when Pink was called as a substitute just in case Chavez it did not give the weight.

“Yes, he told me that we were never going to fight”, remember Rosado in statements to Miami herald. “He has always talked to me like that, that’s why I don’t like him. We started the race almost at the same time. We have like 14 years of professionals. This fight should have happened long ago, but it will finally be this November 27. ”

For Pink, his career has been much stronger than that of Jacobs. For him the difference is in the quality of the rivals that both have faced and in the moment in which those fights were fought.

“I told that to Jacobs, that if he had gone through what I went through, now we would not know who he is as a boxer “, he explains Pink. “I fought from the beginning with tough people like The Angle Dog, WarriorBut I did not crack and those fights made me what I am today. I love this sport, I study it. Defeat is a reason to be better. ”

Pink he is preparing himself in the best way in his training camp. And this may be the most important duel in the current stage of his career against Daniel Jacobs. He currently trains with the mythical Freddie roach, so the preparation is serious.

“The work with Freddie roach, a very experienced coach who has helped me prepare a plan against Daniel Jacobs ”, said Pink. “I like a lot Freddie, because it doesn’t waste my time in the gym. He always has clear goals and has helped me grow as a boxer. Freddie it is pure business. Every day in the gym we are working on the plan. Freddie He’s pushing me a lot and the camp has been one of the best I’ve had in my career. ”

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