Only! Valentina Shevchenko and her harsh threats to Jennifer maia in the UFC 255 preview

Only!  Valentina Shevchenko and her harsh threats to Jennifer maia in the UFC 255 preview

Valentina shevchenko will have the chance to once again defend his reign against Jennifer maia, at UFC 255. In this show, four giants will be measuring each other in the stellar and co-star of the night, in the Apex of Las Vegas, Nevada. Although there will be several recognitions in the preliminaries and first preliminaries, the main card is truly for history. Thus, the Brazilian will try to break with the schemes.

I’ve been in this sport for so long. I competed in different martial arts. I know how things happen. I know how things work. It’s like sometimes, when people have only been competing for two years, they don’t know what is going to happen or they will remain champion forever. This does not happen. This is the life. You have real opponents. You have a real person who wants to beat you. That’s why you have a very cool head when making decisions, “the champion began by explaining.

At the same time, Valentina He also stressed: «Not having your head in the clouds flying over the Earth. You have to be realistic and understand how things work. My experience in martial arts taught me how I should be. What kind of person do I have to be to maintain my champion status. I think she is a very good opponent. She is a former Invicta champion. He fought a lot and is preparing the best he can. I think it’s going to be a good fight, he’s a good opponent.

It will be a huge fight

“It was a good fight with Jojo, he had his chance for the arm and he never let it go. It’s good. This is what wrestlers have to do, never miss the opportunity. I think it will be very good. I think of her more as a forward, she prefers to hit, but that doesn’t mean she won’t use her fight or grip. I love this. As a fighter, I respect you all. Like all girls, not only flyweight but strawweight, bantamweight, any weight, who are fighters and practice martial arts, “recalled the Kyrgyz-born.

Closing with his sayings, Valentina shevchenko does not underestimate the chance of being defeated: «Because it is very hard work. A lot of physical work. I respect all the people, all the girls who have this courage, this power to do this work. I know how difficult it is. Everyone must be treated with great respect. It’s a fight. Anything can happen, but as a champion, as myself as a person, I’m not going to let it happen by accident. I will be ready for everything. That is why I am a champion because I understand how things are working ”.

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