The 10 best boxing manga in history, according to My Anime List

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Los 10 mejores manga de boxeo de la historia, según My Anime List

In manga you can play a lot of genres, but in Japan the boxing culture is deeply ingrained and countless stories related to Sweet Science have emerged.

A genre that has been successful in manga is the sports genre, with moments that define the characters and a great knowledge of whatever sport is being talked about. One of the most popular sports manga is related to the field of boxing in particular.

According My Anime List, this is the list with the 10 best boxing manga in all history. Several of them were successfully adapted into anime series for television.

10. 1 Pound No Fukuin

Also know as One Pound Gospel is a boxing manga that combines sports with romantic comedy. Created by Rumiko Takahashi, responsible for incredible works such as Inuyasha Y Urusei yatsura.

The story follows two specific characters. Kosaku Hatanaka, known for his incredibly strong punches, and sister Angela, who hopes to help Kosaku to deal with their constant eating habits. All these forms in an interesting manga for anyone who is a fan of the mangaka’s work.

9. Boys on the Run

It is a manga created by Kengo Hanazawa, Boys On The Run is a ten-volume short-sleeved series about a 29-year-old salesman who falls in love with a woman. However, because she is already in a relationship with her rival, she decides to learn and become a boxer so she can beat him up.

Even though Kengo Hanazawa is most famous for his later work of I am a hero, fans might be interested in seeing some of the pieces that eventually made his famous work so special.

8. Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu

An interesting comedy and unique manga, Saotome senshu, Hitakakusu tells the story of Satoru Tsukishima who confesses to the featherweight champion Yae saotome. However, being the champion brings some drawbacks, as the school hopes that her performance will lead her to participate in the Olympics.

The coach upon hearing the confession decides to assign Satoru as a coach so they can secretly flourish a relationship with strange hilarity.

Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu

7. Kenshin

An interesting boxing manga, Kenshin is written by Koike kazuo and drawn by Tadashi matsumori. The first writing Crying freeman and the second doing the art of Yukemuri sniper. After your trip to Alaska to become a whaler.

But once he meets a boxer, he begins to pursue that dream. Unfortunately, this is not talked about as much as it is about other famous boxing manga. However, for those who are curious, this would make a decent read for any sports fan.


6. Rokudenashi Blues

Also know as Good-For-Nothing Blues, is starring the student Maeda, whose life changes when he hits his teacher in the face during the entrance ceremony. Although this has led to him being valuable to a variety of clubs, he simply wants to become a boxing champion.

Although the manga is known for its boxing elements, the series was also praised for its strong narrative and friendship themes. Currently, the series has sold more than sixty million copies.

Rokudenashi Blues
Rokudenashi Blues

5. Rikudou

A dark and rough sleeve, Rikudou tells the story of Riku who experiences the tragedy after the death of his father. After defending himself against the drug dealer who sold him to his mother, he ends up being persecuted by criminals. This leads him to find out how to learn to protect himself, and he begins his workouts in a run-down gym, where he learns basic self-defense.

The end result is a manga where the character grows stronger while entering the world of professional boxing. What makes this all the more impressive is that this was the first manga of Toshimitsu Matsubara that did not become an immediate success.


Four. Katsu!

Katsu! is another interesting boxing manga created by Mitsuru Adachi, the man responsible for the baseball comic from Touch and Cross Game. The story focuses on Katsuki Satoyama a guy who joins a boxing gym to try to impress his crush Katsuki Mizutani, who is the daughter of the owner of the gym.

However, after learning about his unpolished but talented prowess in the sport, he eventually learns to love the sport and become a professional boxer. This is recommended for readers who love amazing storytelling, good action, and solid romantic comedy writing.


3. RRR

RRR is a boxing manga created by Jun Watanabe and follow Rikitaro and Ooishi. The first is a musician who dreams of becoming the next rock sensation, while the other is a retired boxing champion turned reality TV show creator.

This unlikely encounter finally made Rikitaro He trained in a boxing gym to get in better shape, becoming something more than they both bargained for. Full of strong characters and energetic art, RRR it’s surprisingly good.


2. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo It is one of the most prominent manga not only in boxing but in the sports genre in general. With more than 1000 chapters, the series stars Makunouchi Ippo as he makes his way into the world of boxing. Facing many high-level rivals along the way.

Packed with a wealth of strong boxing facts, techniques, and characters with a solid plot, Hajime no Ippo He has won numerous awards for his artistic and narrative style. The art of being able to absorb and withstand the powerful blows of the boxing world. It’s no wonder the series is worth reading or watching.

Hajime no Ippo is full of references to real life legendary fighters like Mike tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez. There is even a character named Ricardo Martinez, which was created inspired by Ricardo “Finito” López, as revealed by the creator of the manga.

Hajime no Ippo
Hajime no Ippo

1. Ashita No Joe

Ashita No Joe You don’t need an introduction to know why it is considered the best boxing manga ever. The series, which emerged in the 1970s, has greatly influenced many of the books listed on this list. And, at the same time, it is considered one of the best sports manga ever made.

The manga follows the main character of Joe yabuki, a criminal who becomes a boxer. Although initially uninterested, his journey as a boxer eventually brought him a deep love for the sport. The manga was praised for its characters, themes, and for the sport itself.

Ashita No Joe
Ashita No Joe

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