The most anticipated! The prediction of Brandon Royval, one of the stars of this UFC 255

The most anticipated!  The prediction of Brandon Royval, one of the stars of this UFC 255

Brandon royval wants to continue growing in MMA, when it crosses against Brandon Moreno at UFC 255. This Saturday night, at the Apex in Las Vegas, the aforementioned will once again show all his technique in the cage. His jiu jitsu is really impressive and that is precisely why he achieved one of the best finishes of the night at UFC 253. There, he stopped talking, making him one of the most anticipated for this weekend.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I think this is better. One, I think I’m going to steal the fucking flyweight show. Brandon Moreno and I are the flyweight fight to watch. I don’t give a shit who the main event is. I really like Alex Pérez and I think it’s exciting, or whatever, but fuck it. The girls’ flyweight fights are incredible, but Moreno and I are the fight to watch, ”he began by explaining.

On the other hand, Brandon He also acknowledged: “We are not going to set our eyes on that PPV fight. Nobody is going to buy that PPV. Fuck being on that pay-per-view, I’d rather be in the preliminary main event. Brandon Moreno and I are the main event. There will be more eyes on this fight than on the pay-per-view, so I don’t give a shit. I think the fans should tune in to my fight and then do whatever they want.

Huge fighter

«Now they are going to fire me UFC. But that PPV and see who I’ll fight next. I think it’s the MMA IQ difference that is going to win me this fight. It’s going to be tactical versus fighter and I think if it turns into a fight, I’ll beat him up there too. I am longer and I have faster hands and, I do not know, I think it plays directly in my hands no matter where I go, “said the American fighter.

Ending with his clear and specific words, Brandon royval He asserted, “I’m happy about that. I think I made him beat jiu-jitsu wisely and hitting wisely. I think he’s stronger than me and a better fighter, but I don’t give a shit about any of that. When I fight a fighter, I don’t give a shit what happens. Either I’m going to screw this guy or they’re going to fight me for 15 minutes. “

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