The world’s press talks about Los Pumas

The world's press talks about Los Pumas

The 15-point tie between Los Pumas and Australia did not go unnoticed by the international media that echoed a team that never stops surprising. Is that you had to keep i done against New Zealand a week ago and the expectation was wide. While it was not earned, he liked the tie to those directed by Mario Ledesma for how the game was given where the Wallabies did more merit to claim victory.

In australian lands the Sydney Morning Herald was the most categorical in his title when qualifying the team: “The seven crazy minutes that could cost the Wallabies glory in the Three Nations” and on the way down he adds that “the Australians lost their minds. They have all the characteristics of a team that still does not know how to close the games ”. For his part in the Australian Fox Sports they wondered: “How did they screw this up? Wasteful wallabies pay the price for getting into the Los Pumas game. ” “The Tri-Nations hopes of the Wallabies are still alive, but the hosts squandered a golden opportunity to climb to the top of the standings on Saturday night,” they read in the note.

In New Zealand the New Zealand Herald highlighted that the All Balcks are still at the top in the title: “Three Nations rugby: Wallabies and Pumas tie while the All Blacks remain at the head of the Tri Nations. ” He then clarifies in the first paragraph that “The Pumas backed their first victory over the All Blacks with a 15-15 draw against the Wallabies in Newcastle on Saturday night” and added water for his mill by noting that “the tie leaves the three Three Nations teams with six points, with New Zealand leading the difference in points, although Argentina has one game less ”.

For his part Stuff Title “Australia ties with Los Pumas in penalty festival” alluding to the lack of tries in the match. He also mentions the opportunity that the wallaby team squandered to take the victory and stressed that “there were question marks about whether Argentina could recover after last week’s incredible exhibition against the All Blacks and they should be happy to come out with two points. ”.

In Europe The Pumas took some lines in the rugby sections of the different media. At Telegraph English the title says that “Argentina backs its historic victory over New Zealand with a draw against Australia”, in France Rugbyrama highlights the tie of Los Pumas by stating that “Argentina, dominated, snatches the tie from Australia” in the headline of the news. For L’Equipe “A week after their historic win against New Zealand, Argentina achieved another good performance by drawing against Australia”.

For his part Planet Rugby highlights that “Wallabies and Pumas share the loot in Newcastle” in the title and then he says that “in a tight and unspectacular match, Australia impressed in attack, especially in the first attack, but they found a solid defensive effort from the Pumas.”

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