Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City – Game Report – November 21, 2020

Tottenham Hotspur vs.  Manchester City - Game Report - November 21, 2020

(EFE) – The counterattack by José Mourinho and his Tottenham Hotspur embittered the renewal of a Pep Guardiola who was injured in London (2-0) and who remains eight points behind the leadership, now in the hands of Spurs.

With two flashes of Heung-min Son and Giovani Lo Celso, in addition to an exceptional defensive exercise – and without the presence of Gareth Bale, who did not play a single minute -, the Tottenham knocked City down and it continues to complicate life in a Premier League in which they have not just taken off.

And that the City came out better, approaching the goal of Lloris, but the first defensive mistake he had, he paid dearly.

The defense fell asleep after five minutes, especially Aymeric Laporte, in a foul in the center of the field that Tottenham took quickly.

Ndombele was the smartest and slipped a long pass over City’s two center-backs, taking advantage of a Laporte misstep. Son won the back and reached the front, where Ederson left no man’s land and the South Korean beat him under the legs.

They painted clubs for a City that could take a greater correction when the linesman annulled a goal by Harry Kane, after a great combination of Bergwijn and Son, for offside. The decision was the correct one and Tottenham was left with honey on the lips of the second goal.

City grew with possession, but always fearful that Tottenham would take it against them, in defensive transitions that are the biggest mole of Pep Guardiola’s team.

The ball brought City closer to the goal of Lloris, but not the ball to the net and when the celestes achieved the tie, the VAR entered the scene to deny it.

A center to the far post was controlled by Gabriel Jesús, snaked, feigning the shot, and giving it to Laporte so that he could first correct his error in defense.

But while the French central ran to his field celebrating, Mike Dean went to the VAR screen to see how Gabriel Jesús had accommodated the ball with his hand.

Diana canceled and back to the Spurs advantage.

Mourinho, aware of what he had in hand, ordered the team to retreat and Tottenham began to close lines and leave no spaces, forcing City to launch inert vertical centers or shots from 30 meters, especially from Kevin De Bruyne’s boots.

While cordoning off the back, City went ahead and left spaces and there the sting of Mourinho again bit. The ball barely passed three players, but it was enough to pass Ederson.

The defense gave Kane the leather, he drove, advanced and threw deep so that Lo Celso, who had entered seconds before, crossed before the Brazilian goal.

The 2-0 ended with the options of a City that remains tenth, waiting for the rest of the day to be played, with 12 points, eight from a Tottenham that is already the leader of the league and that opposes to be champion.

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