Will it be able to fulfill it? Jennifer Maia wants to dethrone Valentina Shevchenko tonight

Will it be able to fulfill it?  Jennifer Maia wants to dethrone Valentina Shevchenko tonight

Jennifer maia will have the chance to displace the champion Valentina shevchenko, in Las Vegas, in the UFC 255. In this show, four giants will be measuring each other in the stellar and co-stellar of the night, in the Apex of Nevada. On the other hand, several recognized will also be the protagonists of a unique evening. Undoubtedly, this Saturday will remain in the great history of MMA, with the Brazilian who wants the title of the division.

«I was the loser in my last fight and I saw several comments, especially here in Brazil, all in favor of my opponent. They don’t recognize me. I feel more appreciated outside than here in Brazil. I try not to care because I have to prove myself in the fight. I have more important things to do, like training to win a fight. It’s sad that they don’t recognize me, but I work hard every day to make them change their minds, ”the South American began.

For its part, Jennifer too He said: “Beat Shevchenko in UFC 255 It will not only be a great achievement for me. I will test these people who don’t know my story, but who should. Maybe I have to become a world champion so that they know me and know that there is a reason why I came here. I fell in love with muay Thai in my second class and never stopped. I loved playing soccer, but I saw that it hurt me too much and therefore I couldn’t train in Muay Thai, so I decided to quit soccer.

Is hopeful

“My family was always related to sports, especially soccer, so they always pushed us towards sports. But when I told them that I was going to start teaching Muay Thai at 17, they were worried. At first they resisted, they were worried, but I told them that I was happy to do that no matter how much money I was making or how long it would take me to be successful, and I asked them to let me do it, “he highlighted about his beginnings.

Also, to close with his history in Mixed Martial Arts, Jennifer maia He also recounted: “We saw that MMA had more attention. Maybe I wouldn’t have such a bright future in Muay Thai. I loved muay thai and was scared to fight MMA because of this combination of martial arts where you have to be complete. I felt comfortable when I made my debut and that love for the sport grew to a point that it became another passion of mine.

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